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Rock your single life and say “Pah” to Valentine’s Day.


Valentine’s Day makes a lot of people feel unhappy as it emphasises that they are “alone”. Happy singleton ‘Deborah B’, tells us why she thinks flying solo rocks.


Call me cynical but Valentine’s isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Surely the real winners are florists, chocolate manufacturers and underwear emporiums. Should love hinge just on one day? I don’t think so sisters!.


Being in a romantic relationship is not necessarily the ultimate key to happiness, love can be found everywhere. Spiritually, no one is alone, Angels and Spirit are only a heartbeat away. If you open your heart chakra to every situation, love will be returned to you. Being single is the greatest opportunity to explore the most important person in your world. YOU!


You have only got to watch the Jeremy Kyle show to realise that being in a negative relationship is not worth the hassle. Freedom is so precious. Don’t give it up for someone who doesn’t value you. Being single means you are in charge of your destiny; striving to be the best that you can be. It has so many advantages, from the frankly funny, to life empowering experiences.


Advantages of being single


Waking up in the morning in your PJs rather than the erotic yet uncomfortable nightwear is a winner. Not being kept awake by someone else snoring and scratching is another joy of being single. Being in charge of your environment is a real plus. It could be that your home is your castle and it is defiled by a filth offender who leaves the loo seat up and leaves tide marks in your bath. You may even lose control of your TV remote and have to lie through your teeth about never watching all the soaps.


Have you noticed that when in a relationship we tend to morph into someone else, constantly worrying about what they are thinking instead of being strong and telling it like it is? Being single can be a great opportunity to flex independence muscles and use them when the right partner walks into your life. There is nothing wrong with periods of ‘It’s all about’ One of the most important realisations we have to understand is that we are here for a unique purpose, and that is to learn to love ourselves and nurture our souls. When single, career prospects can be more successful as one is more focused and committed.


Another bonus is that you can flirt outrageously with fit colleagues. There is no one to justify your behavior to, you don’t have to report back to H.Q to let them know your E.T.A. Best of all you don’t have to come home at all! Once you are on the treadmill of being in a committed relationship the halcyon days of singledom are a distant memory. Make your single days, the days of your life – full of adventures you would never otherwise have. Life is for living and savoring every moment. Rock your single life!


Call your reader in peace!


Another advantage of being single is that you can call your favourite reader, undisturbed at any hour of the day or night. There’s no one to nag you for being on the phone too long! Many of the readers at TheCircle are life coaches.

If you’re single, mapping a life-plan out can be really empowering. It can help you make sure that you constantly have new life experiences, such as learning new skills.


Reader’s can also tell you who is coming, if you want to know! And they can help you open your heart to the spiritual love that is there for all of us who are open-minded enough to find it.


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