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My Lover Is Stranded Abroad


It’s heartbreaking when the one you love can’t be with you and you may despair about being together.  Those miles, countries, seas may stretch like infinity between you, and you wonder if the time will ever come when you can be close together again.  You may be apart because of visas and red-tape, or the one you care about may be serving in the Armed Forces or similar.  It seems so unfair when you see other couples enjoying each other’s company. 


How can you hold on and keep going when you wake up alone each morning?

•    Realize that being separated in space is only one reality.  You are close within the ether.  You are able to hold hands spiritually, your souls are always in close communication.  Whenever you feel down, imagine that your lover is with you, take a deep breath and carry on.
•    Don’t let your feelings of sadness paralyze you, or interfere with logical thinking and focused action.  If there are forms to fill out do it.  If you need help, find it.  There are all sorts of organizations that can guide you through the small print.  Never be put off by officials and even when things seem insurmountable, they won’t be if you keep going.
•    If money is an issue, there will be ways round it, if you ask.  Do not be too proud.  There are charities that help those in need, and there may be more resources than you imagine.  Go to your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau and make enquiries.
•    Make sure you keep in contact.  That sounds obvious but can be difficult if you are both working long hours and funds and facilities are scarce.  Skype is the best way, as you can talk face-to-face, and can be free.  Don’t be afraid to ask friends for help – after all, all the world loves a lover! 
•    Dwell on real life stories with happy endings, where lovers have been separated because war, or other sad circumstances, and have made through all their difficulties to be united at last.
•    Talk to friends and acquaintances about your problems and feelings – especially people who have been through the same experience.  Being listened to is very soothing and encouraging, and the more people who are informed about your predicament, the more likely you are to be put in touch with someone who can help.
•    Try to think positive.  There are bound to be times when you feel very low, but after you’ve had a cry and a wallow, pick yourself up and imagine that everything is okay.
•    Make a pact that you will go to sleep at the same time and meet in your dreams.  This can be hard if your lover is in another time-zone, but do it if you can.  Even if you don’t remember ‘meeting’ your lover, make a note of what you dream.  It will be a great comfort if your loved one has had the same, or a similar dream, and this can strengthen with time and practice.
•    Have telepathy trysts, where you both have some quiet time, simultaneously.  You could both play the same tune, that means something for you, or wear the same colour, so strengthening the connection.  During that time you send thoughts and ideas through the ether and feel the closeness of your lover.  Again you should write down all that you intuit, for you will both get better at this with practice.
•    Carry a picture of your lover with you and look at it whenever you feel really lonely.   One day you will be looking at that face in real life.
•    Always try to think positive.  This doesn’t mean repressing your fears and worries.  It means spending time regularly imagining in detail what it will be like when you are together again.  Build that image powerfully and colourfully, and flesh out the details.  Share these with your lover, if possible, so you are both focusing on the same ideal.  In that way you are creating the future that you both long for.

If it all seems very black and you’re going through a phase where you can see no light at the end of the tunnel, you need help from our wonderful readers.  They will enable you to look at your situation in a better light and give you a glimpse into the future.  Don’t suffer alone – put in a call today.

PUBLISHED: 8 October 2014

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