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Mother's Day

This year (2015) Mother’s Day falls on Sunday March 15th.  Sons and daughters everywhere buy cards and presents for their mothers and many go home for the day, to celebrate with a family meal.  This tradition has more than one source, but its true roots lie way back in the mists of time.



Nowadays ‘Mother’s Day’ and ‘Mothering Sunday’ are two terms used to mean the same date.  However, these are actually separate traditions.  ‘Mothering Sunday’ goes back at least to the 16th Century, when people – mostly servants – had a day off and returned home to their ‘mother’ church, to worship.  This took place on the fourth Sunday in Lent.  The family had an opportunity to get together and would usually have gone to church once more, with their actual mothers.  ‘Mother’s Day’ is very different.  It was started in America in the early days of the 20th Century by Anna Jarvis, who wanted to honour her own mother.  She was angry when this became a commercial occasion.  By the 1950’s the two traditions had been combined, and most people today have no idea about the origins.


Mother’s Day is probably so popular because subconsciously we realise that underneath it lie much older beliefs, about the Mother Goddess.  Some historians and archaeologists believe that worship of the Great Mother was universal in the Stone Ages, and that societies were matriarchal or matrifocal – that means ruled by powerful women or at least arranged around powerful women.  That can be a very refreshing idea, bringing balance to today’s patriarchal approach.  Even though feminism has brought equality for women, many people take the view that this has been in terms of male values – in other words, women have been allowed to become honorary men, rather than respected for their special qualities.  In ancient times the Great Mother was seen as the womb of all life.  She was the fertile earth and the magical moon.  She held the secrets of birth and death, and prayers and sacrifices were made to her, to ensure health and fertility.  Modern nature worshippers still like to honour the Goddess, in a non-dogmatic way that many people see as a refreshing contrast to religions that worship a judgemental Father God.  The Goddess is the divine force of nurture and harmony.  The Mother Goddess reminds us of our roots, and to respect what has given us life – this includes the Earth itself, as well as our personal mother.  Mother’s Day is such a good opportunity to focus on peace and unity, and to enjoy the simple pleasures of home.   
Celebrating Mother’s Day can be heart-warming, giving you an awareness of belonging.  However, not everyone experiences it the same way, and Mothering Sunday can be a difficult date if you’ve lost your mother, or are estranged from her, or are a mother who has lost her child.  Consolation is available to you, however. Monthly horoscopes are there for you.  Get free horoscopes and psychic insight at The Circle.  If you want to know more about yourself and get a new angle on your experiences, call one of our expert readers at The Circle without delay.
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