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More Than A Kiss - Join in World Kissing Day on 6th July


Love makes the world go round and there's nothing sweeter than a kiss to confirm affection from one person to another. A kiss planted on your cheek from your child is magical. Kissing friends and relations cements the bonds between us, especially if accompanied by a hug.



Physiological and Psychological rewards of kissing

Kissing those you love makes them feel validated and has positive physiological and psychological rewards for both parties. Social kissing can be a minefield especially as we need to be aware of different cultural attitudes. However, Brits are puckering up more than ever before, even in the business world. The new rule is that once introduced it is good form to exchange a kiss or two. The stiff upper lip is evolving into a more attractive kissable alternative. 
There's nothing better than a spine tingling, tonsil tickling, lip locking snogging session. The instant we kiss a potential lover we know if there is magic or misery once lip meets lip. It’s the ultimate test for the most important partner in your life. The average woman kisses 15 men before she meets her long term partner. That equates to a lot of frogs! 
A bad kiss, or one lacking in excitement can be fatal to a budding relationship. It’s nature’s way of guiding us to the most suitable genetic match. The euphoric feeling of being in love is cemented by kissing a partner with that indefinable chemistry and can be magical. 

Healthy side effects to kissing

It gets better. There are proven healthy side effects to kissing. Not only does it exercise face muscles, it is a great way to build up our immune system especially if it leads to sex. A recent study has found that partners who have sex once or twice a week produce an antibody that wards off colds and coughs. 
Kissing is a great way to burn two to six calories a minute. It can also make you more relaxed as getting into a clinch releases oxytocin, a calming hormone. It also gets those feel good endorphins flowing through the blood stream. Get really stuck in to smooching and you will release dopamine which increases an even more feel good factor. 
Kissing reduces stress. It lowers high blood pressure and cholesterol and is truly good for your heart. When couples kiss they can exchange emotions which cannot be expressed otherwise. It gives both of you that warm, fuzzy secure feeling! 
If you have a major bust up with your partner there really is no better solution than to kiss and make up. 
Couples that are tactile and kiss more have a better chance of maintaining a happy long term relationship. A study has shown that men live up to five years longer if they kiss their wife before setting out to work. 
Lips have an incredible amount of nerve endings and are truly a highly sensitised erogenous zone. You owe it to yourself to indulge in as much lip action as possible! 

TheCircle top tips

Here are TheCircle’s top tips on how to make the most of puckering up: 
1. Make sure your breath is always fresh. 
2. Kissing someone whilst sober is always the best option. At least you will know who you are kissing and have no regrets. 
3. It’s a team effort! Be sensitive, spontaneous and responsive. 
4. French kissing is great as long as it’s subtle.
5. Use your hands to make your partner feel more wanted. Touching their neck, face or back makes the passion more intense. 
Join in and celebrate World Kissing Day on 6 July and kiss those people closest to you. Surprise a potential partner and make the first move, you have a good excuse!
If you need some advice on how to be confident in your relationships and enjoy these special days, call one of our experienced Readers at TheCircle.
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