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Meeting Your Soulmate


We all long to meet our soul-mate, believing then we will have someone who understands us totally, is always on our side and who even seems to know what we’re thinking!  A soul-mate will share our interests, love our faults and finish our sentences.  Surely, once we meet our soul-mate, we will never be alone or betrayed, and we will be together for life, and beyond.


These expectations are natural.  Many of us feel isolated and separated from our spiritual home.  We have a ‘feeling’ there is someone out there who will make that okay, and in a way we are right.

Tips on meeting your soulmate


Soul-mates were formed at the same time, from the Source, incarnating to learn lessons, and gain experience.  In our hearts we long to be re-united with the Source, and we instinctively recognize our companions.  Here are some tips on meeting your soul-mate:

  • First and foremost, be yourself!  Trying to be what you think you ought to be will distort the vibe you are giving off and could make it harder for soul-mates to recognize each other.
  • Follow your passions, even if the path seems solitary, for they are an expression of ‘you’.
  • Don’t leave it all to ‘fate’.  Just because your soul-mate is out there does not mean s/he will come knocking on your door!  This special person may be found on a dating site, or in the local pub, so make yourself available.
  • Let go of any pre-conceived notions of how your soul-mate will look, or act.  The soul-mate bond is deeper than the conscious mind.
  • Often soul-mate encounters are love-at-first-sight, but not always.  There may simply be a feeling of familiarity, or comfort.  Sometimes you may even rub each other up the wrong way, until you realize that your soul-mate is reflecting at you elements of yourself you’d rather deny.
  • Soul-mates aren’t always romantic partners – a deep friendship can also have a soul connection.
  • Your soul-mate feels like The One, but the truth is we all have many!  Remember this if things go wrong with someone you thought was forever.
  • It isn’t always easy with your soul-mate.  Maybe you were brought together to teach each other something important.  Be prepared to work at the relationship.
  • Keep faith!  It may seem as if no-one is on the horizon and that you are destined to be lonely, but that can change in an eye-blink.

Soul-mates can bring each other great joy, but because the bond is deep, pain is also possible.  If you need advice in finding a soul-mate or guidance if the relationship derails, our experts at The Circle understand the issues well, and can give you the words of wisdom you need.

PUBLISHED: 01 February 2014

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