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Making Choices


From the moment you wake up in the morning life is full of choices. Most of these are comparatively trivial, everyday choices, such as what to wear, or have for breakfast. But others are much more significant. For instance you may be trying to make up your mind about a new career, house move or romantic involvement.


Making the right decisions about small matters makes it easier to make good ones about larger issues. Being unsure can be uncomfortable, but you can become decisive by following these pointers.
Check out:
  • Evaluating the past
  • Recognising your successes
  • Recognising your decision-making strengths
  • Taking your time
  • Using your imagination constructively



The last thing you need to do is get bogged down in thinking over times gone by. But a quick overview will help. When you were right in the past, what was your yardstick? And if you made mistakes, why was that? Of course, some mistakes are part of life, but are there lessons you can learn?




You may think of yourself as an indecisive person, but isn’t that a negative message? What about all the times you’ve made decisions easily and smoothly? Already today you will have made many choices about what to do, where to go, etc. You can and do make decisions and most of them are the right ones. Often it’s the wrong ones that can stick in your mind – choose to remember the successful decisions and this will empower you.



There are several different ways of coming to a decision and each of them has its merits. It just depends what’s right for you. For instance, are you the kind of person that needs to think things through logically? Then find out all the facts and weigh them up in your mind.
Do you rely on intuition? Do you get a ‘feeling’ about what’s going to work out for you? If you have an important decision to make, then listen to your gut instinct.
Are your emotions an important factor? If you are the sort of person that lives by their heart, then trust this, if you have a significant choice to make. Trying to be ‘sensible’ is unlikely to work for you. It may look good to others but it’s not going to make you happy.
If you’re a practical, down-to-earth sort, then you’re unlikely to be comfortable with anything theoretical or insubstantial, however strong the arguments in its favour. So honour that pragmatism, because it works for you.
You may believe you’ve made the wrong choices in the past and want to change your approach, but just because you’ve made mistakes doesn’t mean you necessarily have to alter your priorities or stop listening to yourself.



If you have something important to decide, don’t rush. If you are being pushed then try to play for time. Using painstaking fact-gathering? That will take a while. Following your intuition? Let yourself sleep on it, so your inner wisdom can come through.



Imagine how it will be if you make a choice one, way, or another. If there are multiple choices, imagine each one in detail.  
If you are at a crossroads in life, spend some time over this. Create a film of your life, experiencing in technicolour how it will be if you make one choice. Then do the same with another, and another. Record how you feel in each scenario. Which is best for you? It may not be the most obvious one.
You can use your imagination for day-to-day matters also. For instance, if you are deciding whether to go to the gym or veg out in front of Netflix, imagine how you will feel if you’re lazy? Probably you will feel fed up with yourself, but if you work out you’ll be elated – choice made!
The same goes for food. Hesitate before scoffing that pile of chips or cream cake – are they really going to give you pleasure half an hour from now? If the answer is ‘no’ make the choice that will ensure you feel good for longer.
In this way you move away from ideas of self-denial and self-disciple into the area of being kind to yourself, through awareness of what will truly make you feel good.



We’ve looked at evaluating the past, being aware of your successful decisions, knowing your natural way of deciding, taking your time and using your imagination. Sometimes you may find yourself at a crossroads in life. Perhaps you have a really important decision to make and you’re afraid of getting it wrong. Or you may fear that you don’t have all the facts, or you’re being pushed or influenced. Our insightful Readers can solve this for you. With their advice and powers of intuition they can put you on the right track in a way you’ll find supportive and reassuring, so put in a call today and feel clear.


PUBLISHED: 24 April 2017


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