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Trials and Tribulations of a Love Triangle


What is a love triangle and who is most likely to get hurt? How to deal with a love triangle when you’re involved.


Love triangles are unlikely to necessarily be a chosen action that people take. It can be complicated, messy, cause a great deal of unhappiness and, without doubt, result in someone, or all people, getting hurt. What is a love triangle? Whether you’ve got involved with your best friend’s boyfriend, or they’ve got involved with yours, love triangles are inevitably a disaster that most people would stay well clear of. However, there can be many factors as to why these things happen, and often, although it doesn’t excuse unreasonable and hurtful behaviour, it may help us to understand.
Knowing how to deal with a love triangle can be extremely hard…




A love triangle is when a third person becomes involved with somebody within an existing two-person relationship. The primary relationship is influenced by the third person and undoubtedly becomes unstable and threatened at their presence. Often the remaining person in the relationship is unaware that something is going on and sadly they do not find out until the relationship between the two others has reached an emotional level, making it harder. Love triangles are usually named this way, because the third person is somebody that the couple already know. It can be a best friend or a family member – but whoever it is knows both people in the couple, hence why emotions and disloyalty is at its absolute peak. Knowing how to deal with a love triangle can be extremely hard and is painful to everyone involved, especially the person who has been kept in the dark.





Learning that your best friend has been seeing your partner behind your back is devastating. How could two of the people that are meant to love you and care for you be so deceitful? Unfortunately, this is a fairly common scenario and often it will be because the best friend is jealous of the relationship. So what do you do if your partner and best friend have cheated on you? The answer is not black or white and there are several important factors that you should take in to consideration before you decide what to do. Is your best friend truly remorseful, have they realised their mistake and are they desperate for forgiveness? Does your partner still want to be with you? You will need to take time to work out whether you can trust your friend and your partner again. If they have cheated with your partner behind your back, will you trust them around that partner again, or with future partners? It is a very difficult situation, which is why it’s important to work through your feelings before you decide.
Losing a potential lover or partner can be upsetting, but surely it can’t be worse than losing a best friend?





If you’re the third person in the triangle, then whatever your end goal intentions, you need to take some responsibility. Losing a potential lover or partner can be upsetting, but surely it can’t be worse than losing a best friend? If you are part of a friendship group, then others are not likely to be sympathetic to your situation and will show their loyalty to your best friend, and their disapproval to you. There are several things to consider:

THE REAL REASON – Why have you become involved with your best friend’s partner? Were you jealous of their relationship? Did you find him or her too tempting and attractive? What made you attracted to them? Put aside your emotions and understand the real reason as to why this has happened.

CONSIDERATION – Putting your feelings aside, imagine how your best friend feels. Have empathy and consider how you would feel if it was the other way around? If your best friend loves their partner, perhaps you should step aside, spend time with others, respect their relationship and give them time to heal.

– Remember if you become involved with someone who has been disloyal to their partner, and has shown ultimate unfaithfulness by becoming involved with their best friend, it proves that they can do it to you in the future. Surely you want a relationship which is solid, loyal and secure? Most relationships which have started out as a lie, do not succeed in to the future.

STEP BACK – If you can, emotionally detach yourself and withdraw from the situation. Ideally tell your best friend how sorry you are, and if they are open to communication, do all that you can to prove that you can be a good friend again. You will need to accept that this will take time.




The problem with a love triangle is that the third person and the person who becomes involved with them, already knows there is an existing relationship. The situation is made worse because the third person is somebody who the couple both know. While we understand that attraction and feelings can sometimes be strong and somewhat hard to control, there is no doubt that somebody – if not ‘everybody’ - will get hurt. Even if it begins with mild flirting, a situation is building and inevitably a line will be crossed.



Being in a love triangle is undoubtedly difficult and upsetting for everyone involved. Whether there is a real long-standing future in either of the relationships is for fate to decide and for the people involved to consider. If you have found yourself caught up in a love triangle and need to know what your future holds, then speak to an expert psychic at TheCircle. They will give you compassionate detailed insight to a happy future in love.



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PUBLISHED: 13 June 2016

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