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Love Being Single


More and more people are deciding that being coupled-up isn’t such a good thing. It’s easy to be starry-eyed, but the truth is that relationships aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.


Consider these points:
That ‘in love’ sensation that we fantasise about is an illusion, and when you see the real person you’re with – usually after a couple of years – you can come down to earth with a bump.
Relationships involve a lot of sacrifice – you may end up giving a lot more than you get.
Things can get complicated when you share property and finances.
Most people come with baggage – interfering in-laws, mangy pets, dodgy friends, ex-partners and maybe kids.  You take on those too.
Sharing living space, meals etc. can be a strain, especially if you have different standards and habits.
You can rarely make life decisions, however important, without consulting someone else.  So your career, creativity and fulfillment may be on the line.


You’ll probably stay slimmer and healthier because you’re in charge of your diet and fitness routine.  No-one to tempt you into snuggly snacks in front of the telly or persuade you to stay in bed rather than head for the gym.
Emotionally you’re safer, because you’re self-reliant.  Whatever happens, you deal with it.  You have your work, your friends, your interests.  You can’t be broken because someone walks away.  This sort of independence is so important.  It gives you a firm base if you do decide to start a relationship, making you a whole person.
What you have is yours alone.  Your home, possessions and bank balance can’t be threatened by a break-up. 
You get more ‘me’ time.  This means you can be creative and relaxed.  All sorts of ideas and possibilities are there for you and you can miss these when you’re adjusting to someone else. 
You get to choose.  No boring weekends falling in with your lover’s hobbies, no battling for the TV remote or putting up with a dwelling that’s too warm or too chilly for your comfort.
You can get a good night’s sleep, without being woken up by anyone snoring or tossing and turning.  Sleeping well is fundamental to well-being. 
Being single does not mean being lonely.  Put effort into building a good and varied circle of friends and there will always be someone to hang out with. 
Socially you’ll have a ball. Too many couples neglect their friends, which is bad, long-term, leading to a distorted outlook, and making you vulnerable.  If you’re single, you’re in sole charge of your diary.  You’ll also be motivated to arrange meetings, lunches and evenings out.  Being available to act as confidante and support can result in deep bonding, with friendships that last a lifetime.
You’re available to take up opportunities and be spontaneous.  That fab job opportunity or last-minute holiday won’t pass you by.
You’re free to dream!  This may not sound great if you’re longing for a dream to come true, but remember that doesn’t last.  While you’re dreaming life is full of possibilities and magic – and that’s priceless! 
Now you’re clear about what you’re giving up, you’re in a better position to choose.  Even though there are great things about being single, you may still feel you need a mate.  You may have been trying without success, but love can come to you at ant time, and if you believe this you’ll draw it into your life.  Dating advice and relationship advice are available with a few clicks, when you contact us at TheCircle.  Find clarity with your love issues, get your relationship horoscope or benefit from psychic insight.  There’s no need to cope with your anxieties alone – put in a call today.
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