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Making a Long Distance Relationship Work


Loving someone from a distance - how to make a long distance relationship successful and how to work through long distance relationship problems


According to research, more than two million couples in the United States are in a long distance relationship, including 3% who are married. Keeping a long distance relationship alive can be difficult, but studies prove that if you love someone, and they love you – then you really can make it work. It’s most likely that eventually you will be together, live together and hopefully spend the rest of your life together – this is just a temporary situation that should not damage your relationship. It seems that our working life is the primary reason why people have a distance relationship, travelling with our jobs or impossible commutes makes it challenging to be able to live together. Establishing how to make a long distance relationship work will take time, and you need to work together to get the best out of the time that you spend together, communication is key to create the solid foundations of trust and love between you.

If you cannot be together physically in each other’s presence, then at least technology helps to make you feel like you are close…





With the technology that is available nowadays, luckily we are able to speak or write to each other whenever we want. Mobile phones make communication instant, whether it’s through a phone call, chat app or text message. Interacting through email allows us to write longer, perhaps more meaningful messages to our partner and again, can be delivered instantly via mobile. If you cannot be together physically in each other’s presence, then at least technology helps to make you feel like you are close and can increase the bond between you. It can be an advantage in how to make a long distance relationship work. You can even chat face to face by video calling, being able to see each other talk, keeps the communication less formal and is more intimate. The difference in time zones can sometimes make it tricky to communicate by phone or video, but making sure that you arrange specific times (that suit you both) to verbally chat, is important for a long distance relationship.

It is easy to misread the tone of a message and however small, the issue can become much larger in your mind…





The anxiety of not necessarily knowing when you may next see your partner may make you feel pressurised and lonely. It is crucial that you try and put some dates in the diary to plan when you next see each other. Technology is key to communicating while you are apart, but what happens when emails, texts or chat messages get misinterpreted?  It is easy to misread the tone of a message and however small, the issue can become much larger in your mind – don’t build things up, talk things through and do not jump to conclusions without speaking to them verbally. What are the most common long distance relationship problems? Trust can be a major issue in a long distance relationship and is certainly something that should be openly discussed if it is a concern for either of you. You want to be able to trust your partner while you are in a distance relationship, talk through your expectations and theirs – talk through fears and discuss what is acceptable behaviour and what is not. Open the lines of communication so that you are both working from the same page. Researching long distance relationship tips and reading other people’s experiences online may help too.





Depending on the situation, a long distance relationship is usually viewed as a temporary scenario, and for the moment you are both surviving without being together every day. Avoid long distance relationship problems by focussing on your future together. Experts say that having a long distance relationship is very possible and suggest the following tips:

SCHEDULE TIME TOGETHER – Diarise trips to see each other for the future. Make sure that you have time scheduled in to look forward to. Do your best not to change the date, if your partner starts to think that they cannot rely on you, this could have a negative effect on the long distance relationship.

– Plan a time of day when you will always speak to each other, whether it’s by phone or video calling, make a special effort to verbally communicate when you can.

USE TECHNOLOGY! – Make the most of technology, send photos, love notes or messages by email, instant chat or text message. Let your loved one know they are thinking of you regularly.

DON’T PRESSURISE – However hard it is when you miss your partner, experts say that one of the most important long distance relationship tips is not to pressurise your partner when you are not together. Keep things light!

DON’T ARGUE OVER TEXT – arguing or disagreeing over something by text message is a definite no. Text messages can be misinterpreted and nothing will get resolved unless you actually pick up the phone and speak to each other calmly.

PLAN THE FUTURE – Speak openly to each other about your hopes and desires for the future. Be honest. Do not set unrealistic expectations for your partner. If you both truly believe that you will be together in the future – dream about it and plan it.

SURPRISE THEM! – Whether it’s a surprise trip to see them or a gift through the post, keep the relationship alive by showing your partner how much you love them.

Making a conscious effort to create a routine for yourself is important…




Learning how to make a long distance relationship work is a situation that you can work on together. But what happens for you personally? How do you focus on daily life when you miss your partner? Making a conscious effort to create a routine for yourself is important. Arrange to meet friends regularly, make sure that your time which is normally spent alone – is kept busy. Plan your future and focus on the exciting times ahead, perhaps speak to a psychic to get insight on your relationship with your partner? Empower yourself with a psychic reading from one of the UK’s most gifted psychics at TheCircle who specialise in love and relationships. Gain clarity and feel in control of your future.




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PUBLISHED: 7 April 2016

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