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Keeping the communication between you and your partner strong and true


We have all had moments like this; we think we are being clear, putting our point across, there can be no room for misinterpretation, then we look across at our partner’s face and we are met with a puzzled look.  Hhhmmm, maybe not so clear after all.

There are so many levels of communication going on at once that it is a miracle we have mutual understanding between each other.  80% of communication is non-verbal, and many words have several different meanings.  Couple this with our own knowledge and how we interpret things individually, and communication between couples needs to be a skill that is worked on and developed.


Strong communication is a part of the bedrock that gives couples their loving foundation. As you spend more time together you learn how each of you operates.  Little things like timing and the words to be used become part of your fabric as a couple.  Telling your partner something vital that needs action as one of you is dashing out of the door, concentrating on something else or distracted by another activity, is a recipe for miscommunication.  This is common sense and we all learn that one early on.  Communication is far more subtle than that a lot of the time.

As a couple, you feel that each of you is important and your bond together is also important.  Taking time for each other moves up the priority list.  Just a few minutes peace to check and say ‘Did you mean this or that?’ gives you a deeper level of understanding on where your partner is coming from.  We are all individual and our ways of being and thinking are different.  Your idea of something may be completely different from your partners.  Neither way is right or wrong, just different from each other.  Understanding the differences and weaving them into how you communicate and understand each other’s communication strengthens your bond together.

When your communication comes off the tracks causing upset or arguments, then a call to a gifted reader at TheCircle can soon help you see where things have gone awry.  It’s all part of learning how you communicate to each other as a couple.

Given the busy lives we all lead, the many daily demands we face, and the modern technology we share, it is all too easy to dash messages off on our phones and laptops.  A few precious minutes to talk with each other face to face, are a gift we can give to our partner.  Love threads through these gifts.


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