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What can you do when insecurities from past pain threaten your life today?


Our hearts have memories: some happy, some sad and others when pivotal things happened that changed the paths we walk upon.  All these memories have emotions connected with them and the emotions are a myriad of different ones.  Some of them can be wrapped in painful feelings.


Past pain is a tricky thing to deal with as our hearts store things away in layers, some of which can stay hidden for many years.

Christmas time is always an emotive time of year and can leave us dealing with emotions that relate to times past.  The emotions feel real in our hearts, yet they may have no bearing on our lives now.  This can make them damaging to how we live our lives now.

If you have been hurt in the past, and anyone who has lived has experienced emotional pain, then you will have memories tucked away with pain.

In our busy lives we react so quickly and in this modern world with so many forms of electronic communication, things can spiral out of control.  Before you know where you are, you are facing a situation that is fraught and you have no idea where it came from.

Past pain sets up behaviour patterns and we carry these with us.  When ‘such and such’ happens, then we react in ‘such and such’ way.  We are instinctive beings, so we don’t stop to think what we are doing.  The past pain immediately triggers a response.  It could bear no relation to what we are actually dealing with right now.

The key is to recognise it.  To see what we are doing.  There is a helpful quick check we can make by asking ourselves the following questions.  ‘Is it real?’ Then, ‘Is it really real?’ Followed by ‘What would I be without this?’

Some of these ways we respond have been going on for years and we are truly unaware of them.   There are various therapies available where you can talk things through with a trained professional.  To effect change in our lives, we need to change how we are from within.  A good place to start is with a psychic reading, where a gifted reader can help you to see what you dealing with.  To discover what is actually real and where you can start to make the changes to stop you feeling so rotten when the same thing keeps happening, again and again.

In all of this, be kind to yourself, always.  We are all doing our very best at this moment in time, and you will continue to do so.

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