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Knowing When and How to Forget Someone


Change perspective and get back in control of your life. Find out how to forget someone when a relationship comes to an end and opening the doors to new love…


Everyone wants to be loved. We all want to have someone who we can rely on, someone who loves and respects us and who will be there for the rest of our life. Learning how to forget someone or getting over someone however, is difficult for many reasons. Even those who were the ones to break up the relationship, often struggle with forgetting the good times and weighing up the bad.





We long for happiness and contentment. We all want a solid relationship which is open, honest, loving and respectful. Yet so many of us have difficulty in finding happiness and making it last. There are so many reasons as to why a relationship does not work and so many factors that influence whether love can be long-lasting. Relationships are complex and with the stresses and strains of normal daily life, we often have to actually find or make time for each other. Working life, having children, looking after elderly parents and friends in need are all influential factors that in a sense, take time away from each other. Operating within these dynamics can easily push people apart and miscommunication begins to happen. Getting over someone is a process and learning how to forget someone feels hard at first, but it can be done.





It is difficult to know when it’s time to move on, especially if you have spent many years together. Many people find it tough in knowing how to get over someone. However, living an unhappy life because of your relationship is very negative for people. Change perspective and have time alone, giving you some space to understand your true feelings, away from any added pressure and to help you focus on finding happiness. There are times when relationships just cannot be helped, and it can be so damaging to those involved:

– Whether physical, mental, psychological or emotional abuse. Do not be controlled and focus on moving on and finding happiness. Change perspective, an abuser is unlikely to change.


CHEATING – Although some couples do get over infidelity and indeed can have even stronger relationships afterwards, a repetitive cheater will never change. Being cheated on can result in low confidence, self-esteem and ultimately, a lifetime of unhappiness.


GROWN APART – If you are in a relationship which has steadily grown apart over the years and neither of you have done anything about it, then perhaps it is time to call it a day. Staying together for the children, or just out of habit, can cause more harm than good, depriving you of new beginnings, potential love and future happiness.


LYING – Being in a relationship with someone who constantly lies to you will break trust and therefore it’s never a true reflection of real love. Partners should not need to lie about anything unless they are doing something untoward.




Accepting that a relationship is beyond help is a huge part of learning how to forget someone. Many of us break up, get back together, then break up again and it becomes a constant yoyo relationship, which will never be consistently solid. We waste so much time believing that if we do this or that, or if that person just changes this part of their character, then all will be well. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case and people tend not to change. We need to learn to be realistic, accepting that perhaps we were not meant to be long-term, and that nobody will consistently change a large part of their character because it is engrained in them. Keeping yourself busy with your friends and family in the early days of breaking up with someone, will help tremendously in that you are not sitting around thinking of them and reminiscing. Acceptance is the key, and once you can come to terms with the break up, then the doors will open for a new life and new beginnings.





Forget about the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘but maybes’ – you were in a relationship with someone and for whatever reason, it didn’t work out, however much you tried. One of the worst things to do is to start a new relationship immediately, jumping from the frying pan in to the fire. Give yourself time to change perspective because we all need healing time and it takes time to learn how to forget someone. Of course, you will never completely forget someone – you will just learn to be without them. As time goes by the memories will become less and less, until it feels like the person you once loved, is just somebody you knew. Once you have been through healing time, you may find yourself becoming interested in meeting someone new, or attracted to people that you never would have thought twice about. Open the doors and let yourself start again, a new chapter, new beginnings and potentially meeting the love of your life.





Are you going through a relationship breakup and need some guidance on how to forget someone? Have you recently ended a relationship and now feel ready for new love? Have you been left heartbroken and just don’t know how to get over someone? Speak to the UK’s most gifted Love Psychics who are experts in love and relationships. Our psychics at TheCircle will give you guidance and insight for an exciting future in your love life.



PUBLISHED: 18th July 2016

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