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How to Be At Peace and Love This Festive Period


Do you love Christmas?  Do you see it as an enchanting time or do you resent the extra work, feel irritated at the hype or dread being alone or faced with unwelcome emotions?  Perhaps you can’t settle because you aren’t in a supportive relationship.  Feelings of being overwhelmed, out of control or left high and dry aren’t unusual, but you do have a choice.  Work to create the best mental and emotional state you can, and this could be the most satisfying Christmas you remember.




You don’t have to be a Christian to take on board the most important messages of the season.  When you see that word ‘forgiveness’ you may recoil.  Maybe you have been hurt and the mere idea that you must forgive the person who did you wrong makes you feel sick.  ‘Shoulds’ and ‘oughts’ about forgiveness can cause you to feel bad about yourself, which makes everything worse.  But the true meaning of forgiveness is very different.  It isn’t something you do because you should, for the sake of someone else, or even for God.  Forgiveness is something you do for yourself.  The great thing about forgiveness is that it sets you free from nasty, chaffing, burning sensations and enables you to move on.  In fact learning to forgive is a journey – a journey towards liberation.  Start this journey by forgiving yourself.  How many times have you done things you regret or feel ashamed of?  But you had your reasons, or you acted out of pain, or blindness.  Be kind to yourself and let all that go.  Now, however vile someone has been to you, can you begin to let your anger and resentment be soothed?  Even a small step towards forgiveness is a gift of peace to you, and letting go of the past makes way for something new.




The real meaning of Christmas can’t come through unless you change your consciousness.  It’s all very well to say that the commercialism and materialism are not what it’s all about, but truly to experience the Christmas message you have to find it within yourself.  Meditation is a beautiful way to find stillness, balance and an awareness of being lifted out of the everyday.  Check out A CHRISTMAS MEDITATION and make a commitment to yourself that you will do this, or another mediation, every other day at the very least.  The inner serenity you are cultivating will bring affection into your life.




 If you don’t have a dream then how are you going to have a dream come true?  Yuletide magic can’t be guaranteed, but if you open your heart to possibilities what comes to you may be amazing.  Spin a fantasy about your heart’s desire, for then you are helping to create it, in the ether – and that’s where reality begins.




You may be hoping for Santa to leave something fabulous in your stocking, but truly it is the little things in life that give the most pleasure.  Looking at the lights on your tree, receiving cards from old friends, getting together to have a natter over a mince pie and a cuppa – it’s things like this that brighten your world.  Pause awhile and savour the moment – don’t let Christmas fly by you like an express train and leave you with the January blues.  Give your heart lasting warmth by noticing, and relishing your gifts.  This can turn you into a magnet for love and affection.




The idea that Christmas is expensive and that you have to splash your cash is stressful for most people.  But so much amazing stuff is free – or almost free.  How about a fairy-story read by candlelight, a walk in the frost to see how many pretty lights you can spot, carol-singing, visiting friends, meditating…how many ideas can you add to the list?  Plenty of people have met their soul-mates when doing something simple and casual.

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PUBLISHED: 1 December 2014

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