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5 Wonderful gifts to give a loved one


It’s easy to say ‘I love you’, but if it comes from the heart you’ll want to back it up with action.  Showing your love doesn’t have to cost much, but it can set you up for the merriest Yuletide of your life.





Start your Christmas morning in the best way possible by bringing your lover a tray-full of affection.  Like all great presents this involves listening and organising.  If your loved one has a busy day, get up early enough to prepare breakfast, so he or she doesn’t feel they have to linger in bed while the cat gets the turkey!  Maybe s/he doesn’t like a huge breakfast with a massive festive blow-out to come later – if so, bring tasty tit-bits that you know will be welcome, such as a chocolate, Buck’s Fizz or fragrant, zinging coffee.  A red Christmas rose, a well-chosen card and a ‘Happy Christmas, I love you’ complete your gift.


2)    OPEN ARMS. 


If you assume this means being ready for a hug, think again.  ‘Open arms’ is the gift of freedom.  The saying goes ‘If you let something go and it comes back to you, then it’s truly yours, but if it disappears, then it never belonged to you in the first place.’  All too often we clutch what we love, afraid to lose, keeping control, and in this way we can strangle something wonderful.  So if you know you’ve held your special someone back, remedy that this Christmas.  Buy them a voucher for that sky-dive or mountain-climb – or if that blows your budget, just write on a card ‘I promise to support you doing….’.  Keep your word.




Loving someone means encouraging them to find their potential.  To do this you have to really listen to their thoughts and yearnings.  At this time of wishes-come-true buy them their writer’s retreat (for that best-selling novel) artists’ holiday (for that amazing painting) psychic development weekend (to enable them to expand their awareness) – or whatever.  Help them on their way by buying a session with one of our readers, for clarity and inspiration.  Again, if you can’t afford this, a pledge on a card will do – the true present is showing them you believe in them.  Then they’ll be able to believe in themselves.


4)    SPA DAY 


Not a very original present maybe – Spa Day vouchers can be a cop-out when you don’t know what else to get.  However, if you back up this gift with other support – plans for childcare and transport for instance – and show you really want to help out, your dear one can properly chill and relish that pampering experience.


5)    A NEW START. 


Have you been doing something that jeopardises the relationship?  We all know that drugs, alcohol, gambling etc. are a short route to a partnership train-wreck, but what about the more insidious things like casual selfishness and thoughtlessness?  It’s easy to dismiss your dear one’s pleas and reminders as ‘nagging’, but are you being fair?  Make a written pledge to wash up, tidy up, come home earlier from work etc., roll it up in a scroll and tie it with red or gold ribbon.  Of course you must make sure not to promise more than you deliver, but this priceless gift guarantees a Happy New Year. For more help with making your fresh start a reality, call one of our experienced readers at TheCircle.


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