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Find your inner Goddess to help love find you


It's an old cliché but to find love one really does have to love oneself first only then can the external doors to love open. A really good way to learn to love yourself (or even just liking yourself) is by finding your inner Goddess and this is by no means just limited to women as men have an inner Goddess and feminine archetype as well. All of us contain a mixture of masculine and feminine qualities.


Get to know and rediscover yourself.

Think about your personality. Think of what feelings, thoughts or emotions strengthen your resolve or motivate you in life is it love, nurturing, career or challenges.

There is a Goddess present in us all and the secret is finding her and letting her out, this is your source of power and she will already be working hard for you even though you may not recognise it. She will give you strength but also the softer, personal side the side that allows you to recognise your own inner beauty and strengths. Once in touch with this it will allow others to see it too, magnetising and attracting that perfect mate.


Practical things to do.

•    Start writing a journal, notice whether you have fallen into the trap of neglecting your own needs in favour of others, what does your Goddess want to say to you.
•    Look into the Goddess archetypes: Freya, Bast, Aphrodite, Diana for example.
•    Listen to your body, do you need more sleep, more exercise and nourishing food.
•    Pamper yourself, have a massage, get a new haircut or have your nails done.
•    Treat yourself to new underwear.
•    Express your inner beauty on the outside.


Release and unleash the new.

Explore your inner power, release what no longer serves you and throw away old thought patterns that no longer resonate within you. Get rid of expectations of the self-sacrificing mate. Let go of all those doubts and feelings that keep you from being who you truly are.

Clear out that inner closet and prepare to consciously unleash that inner Goddess. She's been there all along, now let her step out and take centre stage. Take small steps it is a journey rather than an unveiling.

The tarot readers at TheCircle can help you identify your inner goddess and help you start this new path to love.

You have great beauty within and on the outside everyone has a striking physical feature that stands out. All of us are admired in some capacity. Learn to love yourself just the way you are right now. Don't wait for goals like losing weight or getting fit. Smile and think to yourself, “I’m letting my inner goddess show.”

Be kind to yourself and treat yourself as well as you treat other people. Focus on your attitude and believe. View your inner goddess as a guide and let her remind you of your divine nature and beauty that way love will find you.
PUBLISHED: 17 January 2014

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