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Connect With Your Neighbourhood

As winter approaches, it’s good to feel you belong.  Being part of a ‘tribe’ is a basic urge. Not so very long ago it was necessary for survival. Especially when the nights are dark and the cold bites, it’s important to know there is company and help available to you, if you need it. Winter can be depressing, but good neighbours bring cheer. 
Learn how can:
  • Connect with the land
  • Find out some history
  • Be a ‘joiner’
  • Lend a helping hand
  • Invite people round




You may have recently moved in to your neighbourhood and it may seem just a conglomeration of concrete. Possibly the houses are new and there is little soil and few trees. You may even live in a high rise, disconnected from the ground. But the pulse of Mother Earth beats through each paving stone and steel girder. However modern, however shapeless and even ugly the building you dwell in may be it has its own soul, its own essence. Tribal shamans, brought to a bustling modern city have commented on the soul of large buildings. If they sense such things, why shouldn’t you?
For five minutes each morning relax, still your mind and open yourself to the essence of your dwelling. Be aware of its foundations, its supporting structure all the way up to its roof. Tune in to the winds playing around the roof and the birds alighting on it. Be aware of the weight the stones support, the floors and ceilings. If your building were a person, what would it say? How would it feel? How does it relate to its surroundings?
If your house is old, you may hear it creaking around you and it may be easy to imagine its personality. But new buildings still channel the essence of the area and link with prehistory in each stone and clod of earth. Give your imagination free rein. ‘Talk’ to your home and let it talk back.
Now imagine your building interacting with those nearby. Electrical wires and wi fi signals go from one to the other but there is a deeper, more ancient connection in the energies of the earth herself. What does your home say to its neighbours? In what way is it part of the nighbourhood.
Finally, make a connection with your home. Feel energy flowing from your body into it, and back again. Be aware that you are part of an energy network, you, your home, your neighbourhood, the world. Nothing and no-one exist on their own and you are plugged in and tuned in.


Many of us know more about the history of faraway places than we do our own home ground. But your place has links more ancient than Stonehenge and maybe just as interesting.
Start by talking to people. Many will love to tell you their memories and you may hear war stories, beginning to get a feel for the local past. Delve further back – what was happening there in the Industrial Revolution, Regency, Tudor – even the Romans. You don’t have to be an expert. This is just about getting the sense of the place and realising that you are part of a long line of humans who have lived, loved, worked, raised families and dreamed right where you sit and watch telly.
Or possibly you live in a new build on land formerly farmed or undeveloped. But what was it like when the countryside was all forest, and wolves still roamed? A sense of place is a good start to connect with your neighbourhood.


As well as visualizing, you also need to take some practical action. You may think the local gardening club is beneath you or believe the idea of line dancing in the local hall is just a joke. But why? All you want is a chance to meet people. Many of the others will probably be there for the same reasons as you and have the same reservations. Never avoid joining because it’s ‘uncool’. There’s no point staying lonely in your ivory tower.


Knowing someone else is lonely and needy can make you count your blessings and realise you can make a difference. Start by chatting to anyone elderly or frail and see what you find out. You don’t have to pry – just be casual and friendly. Be observant – offer to carry bags, trim hedges, give lifts. Of course you don’t want to be used, but a helping hand may get the ball rolling.


It can take courage to invite people you hardly know round for a cuppa, but it will be a great ice-breaker. You’ll feel better if you have an old friend or family member present to make you feel more relaxed.
Be a good host by being cheerful, interested in what they say and making them comfortable. But don’t fuss or get stressed if you have the wrong tea or they don’t like the biscuits. This isn’t a test. Try to see the funny side and stay lighthearted.
Do be sensible and remember that this isn’t about anything personal. Yes, it’s about connecting, but on the way to becoming part of local life you are likely to meet people who aren’t friendly, are too busy to visit or are too shy or have personal issues that you cannot know. If you invite people and they decline, or don’t turn up you must not take this personally. It’s all part of the process, and eventually you will make a connection with kindred spirits and really feel you belong.



We’ve seen the importance of making an effort to bond with the land and find out some history, and suggested that joining in, offering help and being hospitable can make you feel accepted.  Becoming a real part of your neighbourhood, especially if you’re a ‘newbie’ can take time, however, and meanwhile you may need someone to encourage you. Our team of kind and knowledgeable Readers can help you through this with some good advice. Put in a call today and get just what you need.


PUBLISHED: 08 November 2017

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