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Are You in Love With A Cheat?


Has your partner been unfaithful or are you the one having an affair? Why we cheat and understanding the consequences when we cheat…


Falling in love with the man or woman of your dreams is a personal confidence boost and gives us the reassurance that we may have finally met our lifetime partner. Therefore, it is probably alarming for most of us to hear that statistics show that a third of the married population would consider cheating, or have cheated on their partner at some point. In the UK, an average of 20% of married men and women have already cheated on their spouse, with the majority of affairs taking place at work. Shockingly, while most women have only cheated once, the majority of men have cheated at least two or three times.
There really isn’t any good excuse to cheat on somebody you love…



 Perhaps it is our distant animal instinct which encourages us to want to be with more than one mate after a long period of time. Or maybe the modern day pressures of family life and stress in the workplace encourage us to do something which feels like rebellion. Whatever the reason people may give as to why we cheat, there really isn’t any good excuse to be unfaithful to somebody you love. Studies show that men are more likely to have a fling with someone they have met in a club or bar, or they may be easily persuaded to have an affair by a woman at work who is giving their ego some attention. Women are more likely to cheat with someone from the past or a person they have history with. It seems that men cheat more from a physical desire point of view and women cheat for an emotional need or connection with someone.

You believe that you are desired and needed by that person…



 Many people think that a secretive affair is exciting, sexy, and fun. You believe that you are desired and needed by that person, while you sneak around hiding in places to be together. An element of flattery and charm is significant, with both parties having an end goal in mind. An affair usually begins with flirting, often quickly moving on to sex, secretive phonecalls or text messages and searching out the next quick moment that you can have together. However, there are many complications which need to be seriously considered:

EMOTIONS: What may start as a fun and secretive affair can quickly turn sour when emotions come in to play. Both of you may have no intention of becoming ‘emotionally involved’ but with time, it is inevitable.
FAMILY TRAUMA: Most affairs are discovered by spouses and very quickly you are at risk of losing not only your husband or wife, but the respect of your children and your surrounding family members. Not many families are understanding towards a cheat.

YOUR HOME: If your spouse finds out you are having an affair, it’s likely that they will not forgive you. You will be at risk of losing your family home, or being made to move out.
WORK COLLEAGUES: If you are having an affair with someone at work, your flirting or awkwardness will not go unnoticed by your colleagues. It is important to note that some companies have strict policies about employee relationships. Don’t forget too that your reputation could be damaged.
Some marriages even report to be stronger since an affair…



 Most people who get caught up in having an affair do not think clearly about the consequences at the start. Perhaps they think that they will never be discovered but the majority of affairs are found out. Cheats are at risk of losing everyone they love, their home and possibly even their job if the lover is a work colleague. Being unfaithful is one of the most destructive actions towards a marriage and the reasons as to why we cheat may be seen as irrelevant by anyone who is hurt in the process, especially when they file for divorce. Unfaithful partners may learn from their consequences and some marriages can be repaired with understanding, time and professional help. Some marriages even report to be stronger since an affair, because the individuals involved have learned to communicate properly.




Has your partner cheated on you? Sometimes in relationships, we need the reassurance that there is a future together, or we need the confidence to let go and move forward in life. Relationships are complex and communication is key to being strong and staying together. If you need expert insight to your marriage or relationship, speak to the UK’s most gifted psychics, clairvoyants, mediums and Tarot readers at TheCircle. Feel empowered about your future in love, find your soulmate and have trust in your relationship.


PUBLISHED: 13 September 2016
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