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Men's Body Language


Do you want to know more about men’s body language? Reading body language attraction in men is easy once you know how. How to read body language love signals to work out if a man likes you…

Body language is something that we often cannot disguise, unless we know a lot about it. Our body’s actions automatically respond to situations and circumstances as our brain converts emotions into how we physically engage with people. Knowing how to read men’s body language can equip you with the knowledge of how he feels about you. Whether it’s the man that you’re already in love with, or someone that you’re interested in at the moment – reading the body language love signals can provide you with the understanding of what they may be thinking and what the next step may be.

Body language attraction in men is very easy to read once you know how…

How to Read Men’s Body Language

Studies show that 93% of how we communicate is through body language and only 7% is actually words. Most of our body language is unconscious, using eye contact, facial expressions, physical contact and posture. Women are believed to be better at disguising how they feel through their body language (if they understand it fully), whereas men’s body language is easier to read because they are not quite as good at hiding their feelings. Being aware of eye contact, how they position their body when they talk to you, hand gestures and physical contact are all signals to show how he feels. Body language attraction in men is very easy to read once you know how and listening to your gut feeling about how he reacts will also make you conscious of his displays of affection.
If a man pushes out his chest and stands tall he is exhibiting behaviour that shows he is confident and wants to appear manly…

The Body Language Love Signals

It’s really very easy to read body language love signals and once you know how, you can interpret how any man feels about you. There are a few key signals in men’s body language which you can memorise to work out if he likes you:
Eyes: If he makes direct eye contact or locks his gaze with yours, then this is a sure sign that he likes you and is feeling confident. At the same time, if he cannot keep eye contact with you and looks around then he may be feeling somewhat shy, insecure and slightly awkward, consciously aware that he likes you.
Personal Space: If he stands close to you and leans in when he talks to you then this is a good sign as he is saying that he doesn’t mind sharing his personal space with you. Men often only do this when they feel very comfortable with the other person.
Posture: If a man pushes out his chest and stands tall he is exhibiting behaviour that shows he is confident and wants to appear manly and protective. If his shoulders are slumped and his body turned slightly away from you then he may be feeling insecure or nervous.
Physical Contact: Men who are confident around a woman that they like, will often touch your arm or leg to display open body language love signals. He is directly showing you that he is sexually attracted to you.
General Body Language: If a man is standing with his feet apart and his arms crossed across his chest then he is putting up a barrier between you both and for some reason feels uncomfortable. If his arms and hands are gesticulating, then he is trying to get your attention. If a man sits with his legs and arms open, then he is showing you that he feels happy and relaxed in your company.
Hair flicking, licking your lips and smiling are all displays of affections …

Think About Your Body Language


If you want to show a man that you are interested in him, then there are a few body language love signals that you can display. Learning how to read men’s body language tells you for how they feel, but how can you show him that you like him too? Making direct eye contact and locking eyes, sharing your personal space and making sure that you don’t create any barriers between you (arms crossed) are all good ways to show him that you’re interested. Hair flicking, licking your lips and smiling are displays of affections that men easily pick up on. Looking in to his eyes and occasionally watching his mouth while he is talking to you will give clear signs that you want to know more about him.




Are you attracted to a man but you’re not sure if he’s attracted to you? Are his body language love signals difficult to read? Working out if a man is interested in you before you make the first move may create anxiety and fear of rejection, especially if he is someone you already know. Knowing how to read his body language and the open signals that he may like you will give you the knowledge and confidence in taking the next step. If you want to know if a man is attracted to you or want to know if there is a potential future between you, speak to one of our gifted Readers at TheCircle. Get insight and guidance to your future love life.


PUBLISHED: 11 November 2016

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