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Give Your Relationship A Beltane Boost


The ancient pagan festival of Beltane falls on April 30th. This was and is a celebration of animal and human fertility, sensual pleasure and sheer joy. The fields and woods are greening, flowers and blossom decorate gardens and hedgerows, and there’s a song in the breeze.
So what about your relationship? Is there a thrill in it, to match the season? Or have you both got a bit lazy? Whatever the case, by tuning in to the magic of Beltane you can bring the excitement back.
Check out:
  • Exploring your sensuality
  • Bathing together
  • Going wild
  • Having a compliments day
  • Sharing food
  • Having a Duvet Day


There’s more to enjoying each other than simply making love, wonderful though that is. Think also about other physical pleasures you can share. These can lead to awesome sex or may just bring you closer.
Try massaging each other, using lavender oil diluted in the ratio of two drops lavender essential oil dissolved in a teaspoon of grapeseed oil. Pay special attention to those parts of the body that seem to need soothing, or that have aches and pains. Always be gentle – unless you know what you’re doing it’s possible you could make any injuries worse.
Think about what you like being done to you.  Perhaps you like having your back scratched or your hair stroked.  Ask your lover to do the things that you enjoy, and give back in kind.  Really enter into the pleasure of your dear one.  This will double your own enjoyment.


Warm water can be soooo sensuous.  Take the time to pamper each other.  Light candles in the bathroom and scatter rose petals on the water.  Use the most luxurious bath oil you can find and gently soap and wash each other.
If you’ve been having a stressful time, imagine the water is washing all of this away and totally dissolving it.  You and your lover can talk about this, naming the issues that have been difficult and visualizing them dissolving.
(N.B. If you’ve been having a challenging time, don’t go over your problems while you are bathing.  It would be a mistake to get involved in talking about them or, worse still, arguing.  The only possible reason for raising the subject of problems is to get rid of them.)


Being out in the open can be the sexiest experience of all.  Pack a rucksack and take off into the country. Find the remotest spots possible.  Lie on the ground looking up at a canopy of leaves, dip your feet into streams and lakes, race each other down a hillside.
Have a picnic as far from civilization as you can.  Dress for the weather and try to appreciate it, whatever it may be.  Spring rain can be sensuous, strong wind invigorating and if the sun shines you can bask together.
Make a rule that you won’t talk about your ordinary life.  The only subjects allowed are the loving feelings you have for each other, compliments you want to pay each other and the beauties of Nature around you.
Making love outside is a wonderful experience, but pick private land, because sex in public places is illegal.  However, no-one can object to you having a kiss and cuddle – and you can save the rest for later!


Why not celebrate Beltane itself by having a day when all you do is pay each other compliments?  Say as many nice things as you genuinely can.  Light a candle and sit opposite each other, holding your hands together, palm to palm, and looking into each other’s eyes.  Say what you love about your partner, mentioning specifically anything he or she has recently done that you especially value.
Showing how you prize your relationship and the things your lover does will give you even more things to be grateful for.



Cook your favorite meal together and make an occasion of eating by playing music, having candles on the table and dressing up a little. You can feed each other the tastiest morsels, to enhance intimacy.



Why not take the day off and spend it in bed, with your lover?  Making love is only one of the enjoyable things you can do.  You can also read to each other, listen to music, give each other massages (see above) or just talk.  Ban television, because that will take your attention away from your dear one.  Mobile phones should be placed out of reach and the doorbell ignored.  This is a time just for the two of you to connect.
Have a pad of pink paper to hand and a pen.  Make a list of some nice things you’re going to do with each other and ways you are going to improve your relationship.  When you’ve written down everything that comes to mind, roll the paper up into a scroll and tie it with rose-coloured ribbon.  This is your Beltane Contract.  Unroll it and read it through at each Full Moon, to remind yourselves.
Your love is sacred. You are blessed by it. Resolve to nurture it.


In the above we have looked at exploring your sensuality, bathing together, getting back to Nature, having a compliments day serving your favourite food and having a duvet day.  All of these should boost a relationship that is basically healthy.  However, not all relationships function well, and if you are in a bad one, for whatever reason, increased intimacy could make it worse.  If that’s the case you need support, and it is always available with our wise Readers who are just waiting for your call.

Don’t sit around forlorn and dissatisfied at Beltane.  Get in contact and see how amazing you feel after a reading


PUBLISHED: 21 April 2017

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