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Be The Driver In Your Relationship


How we choose our relationships shapes the life we lead. So many of us leave such important choices either to fate or to others to make the choices for us. Is it enough to leave these important relationships to fate? Stumbling upon them by chance? Waiting for them to find us. Many of us will follow this route, mainly because we either do not have the knowledge to work others out, or lack the confidence to back ourselves. It is crucial that we arm ourselves with the knowledge to understand people’s actions, not just their words. Take control of your own destiny, become the driver in your own relationships. Here is how you start the car!



Relationships start with you

We are at our best when we are in love. This simple statement applies to all of us, it is how we got to be here today. Two people took a chance and fell in love. But how do we navigate the minefield that is dating? The first thing we may consider doing is preparing ourselves to be able to recognise the right person to date. Knowing who you are and what you want is the first step. Every single thing you do starts with you. Learning how to read the signs from another person is vital. The best indication of future behaviour is past behaviour. We can then sort out the people that we meet into groups that are defined by their actions. If we want to be in a relationship that is equal matching visions is just the start. Here is how to spot the genuine from the disingenuous.

‘The Hitchhiker’

This is a person that finds you whilst you are going about your everyday life. Think of them like speeding bullets, they come into your life fast, overwhelm you then leave just as quickly. These people are easy to meet because they meet you. It takes no effort or preparation to have an encounter with 'The Hitchhiker '. The way to spot this type of character is to talk about yourself! Sounds easy but these people are very good at making all the effort and will often just take over. But the truth is they are not interested in you as a person, they just want what you may bring to their lives. 'The Hitchhiker' will often burn themselves out within in a few months or weeks, moving on to the next person starting the process all over again. People like this have a trail of broken friendships behind them and are often lacking any direction of their own.

‘The Passenger’

This is a person that befriends you first. They talk about themselves and their troubles finding the right relationships. They will often feel that they are missing out and life is going nowhere. These people will wrap themselves around you making your world theirs. They can be very possessive and non-trusting. Be very careful not to start a relationship with 'The Passenger' as they will isolate you from all your other friends, demanding your attention. These people are easy to spot as they have very few friends and no identity of their own.

‘The Driver’

‘Drivers’ are normally good people to be with as long as you make it clear that you are prepared to share the driving. Relationships work best when each of us consider the other as an equal. Drivers are the hardest of people to spot but make the best relationships. To find your own ‘Driver’ first discover your own individual personality, likes, dislikes, know how to be interested in others as well as being comfortable talking about yourself. We meet 'Drivers' doing the same activities as us normally with the same passion.      

The First Step

Every journey we undertake starts with a single step. Relationships are no different. If we do not have the knowledge or understanding that is required it may be a good idea to seek out those who do. So if you are having problems spotting 'The hitchhiker' or 'The Passenger'  maybe you would like to identify your very own 'Driver' The Circle has Psychics, Tarot Readers and Relationship Readers, available 24 hours 7 days a week that will help you understand and how to spot the best relationships for you. This could be the beginning of a new understanding of relationships that will help you avoid cul-de-sacs whilst keeping you driving in the right direction.          
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