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Avoiding emotional games in relationships


Emotional games can be seen in all sorts of relationships be they personal, family, friends or colleagues. There are various reasons that people will play mind games and the reason you are experiencing it will be due to the person that is subjecting you to them. The reason a colleague plays mind games at work will be different to the reason that a partner plays emotional games and tests you

Emotional games are played undoubtedly in order to get back some control. By getting someone to do something that you want gives a power buzz and feeling of control. With the insecurity that they feel may also come resentment as they have no control in their life they may feel a failure and chose you to take out their frustrations on as you represent what they want to be? It may be that you exhibit confidence and the success they wish they had and by playing emotional games they can feel like a “winner” for a change.


In relationships the emotional games can be a form of testing to see how you react, to see how much control they have on the relationship or to confirm ideas and concerns. Or emotional games can quite simply be a means to an end. If you want something from someone and directly asking hasn’t proved fruitful, and force is not an option, then sometimes manipulating that person can be seen as the only way to get the desired response


Learn to deal with the emotional games

Once you recognise what is an emotional game the best way to deal with it is to rise above it.

  • Avoid trying “to beat them at their own game”, as these leads to both parties getting hurt.
  • Emotional games are mostly used for the simple reason that the person doing it is too afraid to confront you directly or they know you would win the confrontation. They are using indirect, manipulative techniques because they feel insecure or you are in a stronger position.
  • By simply asking them what is bothering them and is there anything you can do to help. This shows sensitivity and means you avoid the mind games and the potential for hurt.
  • If they aren't up for talking then remove yourself from the situation and tell them you have no interest in emotional games and you will talk to them when they want to speak openly and maturely.

Speaking to the wonderful psychic relationship readers at The Circle can really help you see when and why these games are being played and help you build a relationship without them.

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