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The Age Gap Relationship


Age gap love and age gap relationships. How big is too big in age difference?

Are you in a relationship that has an age difference? Falling in love is not a planned event in our lives and we cannot have a tick list of exactly the type of person we fall in love with or the specific age. Age gap relationships happen all the time, whether it’s a 5-year age difference or a 20-year age difference. How big is too big in age difference? Celebrities Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart were very much in the public eye when they were first seen together because of the 22-year age gap relationship. They were criticised for the age difference, yet everyone could see they were completely in love and happy.


Does Age Difference Matter?

Age gap love seems to be more strongly criticised when one person is either very young, for example late teens, or when one of the partners is in their later years. Elements such as sex and money are questioned, with outsiders trying to find a reason or criticism in the relationship. Should age difference matter? In short – no. Does it depend on the age difference and how big is too big? A relationship should be based on intellectual similarities, mutual love and respect. A person aged 30 may well be a really good match for a person aged 40 and some people are young for their years or older for their years. Age difference is by no means an issue when it comes to being in a loving relationship. In fact, studies show that in 23% of marriages in the UK, the woman is older than the man and 47% of young men say that age difference is not an issue to them. In the United States, a third of women aged between 40 – 69 years old are in a relationship with a man who is at least 10 years younger than them, and a third of these relationships last more than 10 years. So, does age difference really matter when it comes to a successful long-standing relationship?

Age Gap Relationship with a Younger Man


Being in a relationship with a younger man has a lot of advantages! Age gap love is not only for celebrities, so embracing the age difference with an attitude that shows you don’t care what others think, helps you to focus on the happiness and fun that you can have. Here are a few facts to remember when you get in a relationship with a younger man:

  • Younger men find older women attractive. Older women are seen to be more attractive than women of the same age, because they have experience in relationships and more life knowledge. 
  • Women’s hormone levels peak in their 30’s and 40’s and men’s testosterone levels start to diminish in their 40’s. This makes women feel more confident and sexually active in the eyes of men.
  • Older women are emotionally more stable and secure in themselves which is an attractive characteristic for men. Younger women may seem more irrational and needy, making older women more attractive to men.
  • Sexual complications are not so much of an issue. Most of the time, older women are not looking for a man to fulfil her maternal needs, making sex more fun with less responsibility. Studies show that sex in age gap relationships can be more satisfying.
  • Older women are more independent, financially secure and tend to have a stable career and home. A man knows that she is not looking for a partner who can financially or materially support her.
  • Older women are more easy to talk to because they have more confidence than younger women with more life experience.

Dating The Older Man


Many younger women find older men more attractive than men of their own age. The term ‘The Sugar Daddy’ has been labelled as a wealthy older man who is financially supportive of his younger partner. Of course there are some women who are attracted more to a man because he has a healthy bank balance, but a man doesn’t necessarily have to be older for this to happen. Some women prefer dating an older man because they are intellectually matched and they feel more secure in their relationship. Women seem to generally feel that age gap love is not really an issue and that having someone that they can depend and rely upon is much more important than age difference. Women dating older men often say they like to be with someone who is older, wiser and generous in their time and conversation.




Whether you’re dating an older man or a younger man, relationships are an incredibly important part of our life. We all want to be loved, respected and cherished. Are you single and hoping to meet someone soon, or are you in an age gap relationship but not sure if you want to continue? Psychics are very experienced in giving readings about love and relationships and can often describe your new partner or sense the long-term potential of a current relationship. If you need insight and guidance in love, speak to one of our gifted Readers at TheCircle.


PUBLISHED: 16 November 2016

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