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A Valentine For Your Element


When it comes to romance, we aren’t all the same!  If you want your Valentine to strike the right note, bear in mind the Element of your sweetheart’s Sun-sign.  You could get the response you’ve been dreaming about!


FIRE – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. 


These guys just know they’re the Love Goddess’s gift to the world, but they adore having this confirmed by an OTT valentine (especially Leo!)  They like a good laugh too, so a funny card is fine, as long as there’s no hint of mockery.  Aries loves a challenge and Sag is adventurous (but clumsy!)  Be as passionate and sexy as you like, but don’t necessarily expect a valentine of your own because although Fire signs are warm-hearted, they can be careless. 

Gifts to enclose: tickets to Paris (or similar), balloon-ride voucher, promise to take them anywhere exciting.

EARTH – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. 


Sensual yet sensible, Earth signs aren’t great ones for flashy stuff.  They like to give and receive valentines as a proof of feelings, and they’re usually happy going with the flow.  Virgo and Cappy can lack confidence and embarrass easily.  Taurus will be aware of how much you’re spending!  Choose something sincere and modest, but don’t be afraid to be sexy, ‘cos these are tactile individuals and they like to know you’ll ‘deliver.’!

Gifts to enclose: glam underwear, chocolates, reservation at a swanky restaurant.

AIR – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. 


They may flirt for Britain but the Air signs have a quality of detachment.  You need to appeal to their minds, so nothing too heavy, and while they love a giggle, the tired old double-meanings will make them yawn.  Choose something light-hearted and quirky, and if you can, keep ‘em guessing!  Aquarius can be remote – don’t hold your breath for a response.  Libra adores stylish romance and Gem loves to ‘Ooh’ and ‘Aah’, so entertain them!

Gifts to enclose:  theatre tickets for the latest buzz show, book or ebook voucher, magazine subscription.

WATER – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


True romantics, these signs appreciate expressions of deep feeling, but don’t drip all over them or they’ll feel sorry for you.  Cancer wants to be needed, Scorp yearns to trust (although they rarely do) and Pisces is looking for a fairytale.  If your valentine shows that you’ve really noticed something that’s important to them, you’ll win first prize.  Water signs respond to the cute and cuddly and Pisces will relish being seen as an inspiration.  Use your imagination and who knows?

Gifts to enclose: flowers, teddy-bear, voucher for a candle-lit river-cruise.

Don’t agonise too much over your valentine – it’s supposed to be fun, and if there’s something worthwhile between you, anything genuine will do the trick.  If you’re really struggling then put in a call to one of our helpful readers who can help you to think clearly.  

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