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Make This Your Best Valentine's Day Ever With Our Love Spells


Dreaming about love is all very well, but if you want to make those dreams come true you have to focus your imagination.  Doing a spell just means ‘spelling out’ your intention that gets through to your subconscious mind and wonderful changes can happen.  Some people call it magic – who’s to say they’re wrong?

Read on for:
•    Spell for an aura of love
•    Spell for love talisman
•    Spell for love scroll
•    Spell for hot date
•    Spell for love potion


Attracting a lover starts with feeling good about yourself, so up your love energy first of all.

You will need:

  • A glass of spring water
  • Natural red food colour (beetroot would be fine)
  • A goddess image
  • A wine-red cloth

Leave the glass of spring water on the windowsill in the light of the Full Moon.  Place a few drops of the food colour into the water, to turn it pink.  Stand your statue or picture of the goddess in front of you, on the red cloth.  Say ‘Great Goddess make me desirable and surround me with love’.  Drink the water, imagining it filling your body with wonderful love energy, that sparkles outwards so that you glow with a come-and-get-me pink aura.  See yourself as a magnet for love, attracting the attention of eligible partners.  Stand tall, be aware of your assets, be confident.  Store the water in the fridge and take a few sips before you go out to find love.


Hopefully you now feel positive and appealing.  It’s time to make a talisman, so you draw that special someone close.

You will need:

  • Images of love, such as kissing couples, doves, hearts, roses, rings.
  • A goddess image (as in Spell One)
  • A deep pink or rose candle
  • Jasmine or rose incense/joss stick
  • A piece of rose quartz that feels right for you – heart shape would be ideal.
  • A sweet treat to eat

Surround yourself with the loving images.  Light the candle and burn the incense.  Because you are ‘charging up’ a charm you need a ‘psychic haven’, so imagine that you are driving out all negativity from your surroundings – see it disappear as grey clouds, blowing away.  Then imagine a protective ‘egg’ of pink light around you.  Press your rose quartz between your palms and affirm three times ‘Romantic rose quartz bring me love.’  You can dance while you’re saying this if you wish.  Imagine the love you long for is approaching.  When you have finished imagine your protective ‘egg’ dissolving and ground yourself by having your sweet treat.  Wear or carry your charm whenever you want to attract love.


Now be clear about the kind of love you want to attract.  Remember never to try to influence a specific person.  Trust that the Cosmos will bring you someone who will make you happy.

You will need:

  • A pink candle
  • Several sheets of pink paper
  • A smooth-writing pen
  • Lavender oil
  • Satin ribbon

Light the candle and focus on the kind of love you want.  Write a list of all the qualities you seek in a lover.  Write also – and most importantly – how you want to feel.  When you are sure your list is complete, dab each of the four corners of the paper with the oil, roll it up and secure with the ribbon.  Keep it somewhere safe and private.  If you find your preferences change, burn your old love-scroll and make a new one.


The special date’s coming up and help is on its way from the occult realms!

You will need:

  • Two small effigies, one for you and one for your lover – chess pieces will do.
  • Your goddess figure
  • Daisies or sprigs of mint
  • A red candle
  • A piece of jewellery containing carnelian

Place the effigies of you and your lover in front of the goddess figure.  Entwine all three figures with daisies or sprigs of mint, paying special attention to creating strong links between you and your lover.  On the candle carve the symbol for Venus (a circle with a cross underneath) and Mars (a circle with an arrow going from it), entwining them.  Place the jewellery so it touches the candle.  Light the candle and imagine the important details of your wonderful date.  Put the jewellery on to set the seal – and smoulder!


By now you should have your special someone close enough to slip them a love potion.

You will need:

  • A cup each of strawberry juice, pear juice and cherry juice (apple juice may be used as a substitute
  • A copper pot, if possible
  • An apple
  • Six cardamom seeds
  • A vanilla pod
  • Organic sugar


Place all the juice in the pot with an apple, cut crosswise to show the five-point star at the centre. Simmer gently, hardly boiling, for five minutes with the cardamom and vanilla pod. Sweeten to taste and leave out in the moonlight for half an hour. You can add spring water or wine before slipping it into your lover’s glass.


You’ve found out how to feel good, draw love, make your date night fabulous and turn on your dearest with a fruity love potion.  Enjoy being loved-up to the max!


PUBLISHED: 19 January 2016


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