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What are the signs? - Is my Partner straying


Every single relationship goes through changes and the bedrock of love and trust between the two of you can be sorely tested during this time.  You find yourself with anything from an uneasy feeling to downright fear as your partner starts to behave differently.  As you start to look for causes why, be as kind to yourself as you can, and keep as calm as possible.  Fear causes you to build up reasons and mental images, and although they appear very real, they may not be based in fact.


The first things you see are the ‘signals’ your partner is giving and the changes in their normal behaviour.  If your partner starts closing down on you, stops talking and sharing, loses interest in intimacy, cannot look you in the eye, or suddenly goes on a mad splurge of gym activity and body enhancement, your alarm bells start to ring and you could think ‘affair’.

If this has happened to you before, are you bringing past hurt into your relationship now?  Echoes from before can be very real and painful.  Maybe your partner is under sudden pressure at work, or in business, and the signals are signs of stress.  Maybe they are having a health scare and are not ready to face it themselves, so they cannot bring themselves to talk to you.  Worse case there may be a connection with someone else.


Discover the 'root' cause


Everything that happens will have a ‘root’ cause and because your hurt, worry and fear can cloud your observations (and how you handle things) try, if you can, to step back.  Objective advice is very necessary at this point, and having a safe place to hear yourself voice your concerns aloud.  Sometimes we can turn to our partners, sometimes a close friend or family member, but true objectivity can be found with a psychic reading.

When you discover the ‘root’ cause and what is actually going on, then each relationship will be unique.  How you handle it as a couple will either strengthen your bonds in your relationship, or highlight the areas that need building on.  If an affair has been going on, this can come about in a number of ways, as just a ‘one off’ event, or a longer lasting connection.  It does not necessarily signal the end of a relationship.  Many people take past patterns into new relationships, for all sorts of reasons, and mostly are unaware that they are doing so.  When a shock happens, it jolts a couple and makes them look at what they do together, with a fresh pair of eyes.

If you do decide that your relationship is now at an end, then that does not mean that your life has ended.  You will naturally grieve for what has happened, but life will roll forward and you will heal and be able to start a whole new chapter.


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