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They send their loving energy to us in times of difficulties and want to support us from the other side, just as they would if they were still in the physical world.



When a loved one passes away, whether it is expected or unexpected, it can be a devastating time for everyone. There is no easy way to get through bereavement and there is no right or wrong way of grieving or specific time that this should take. Everyone deals with grief in their own way. One thing is for sure, this difficult process can be made easier in communicating with others. Speaking to a bereavement counsellor, a close family member who perhaps feels the same, or a friend, helps us to manage our feelings of heartache. Each stage of grief can feel incredibly engulfing, whether tears, anger or feeling at a complete loss but it is important to understand that it’s a process.


Many say that you never ‘accept’ losing a loved one, you just eventually learn to live without them. At first, everyday tasks and normal life may feel overwhelming and you may feel it’s difficult to cope. It is so important to be kind to yourself, to allow yourself space and time, taking one day at a time. Letting go is not forgetting the fond memories you have; it is finding a small part of acceptance somewhere within, that in earlier days you never thought was possible.
To connect with your loved one, simply ask them to come into your dreams and wait and see.


When our loved ones pass over, their spirit goes through a transition stage into the afterlife. It is believed that no matter what a person’s religion is (whether they believe in the afterlife or not), they have the ability to communicate with us in the physical world. Often this can happen through dreams. In fact, dreams are said to be the easiest way a loved one in spirit can communicate. To connect with your loved one, simply ask them to come into your dreams and wait and see. There are other ways for them to let us know they are around. Have you ever smelt the perfume, aftershave or a memorable smell of that person around you at home? You may only sense it for a couple of seconds, but it is their way of telling you they are around you.


If you believe that your loved ones are still close by, then try and communicate with them. You may not get instant proof but with time something will show you that they are there. Ask them to visit you in your dreams, ask them to help you find something that you have lost in the house, ask them to give you strength and support when you need it. Reaching out to them for their help when you are feeling vulnerable or emotional should prove to you that they are around as you should feel calmer. Speaking to a medium who can spiritually link with your loved one could bring you the confirmation and evidence that you need to know they are close by. A medium can often describe your loved ones in spirit and will pass on messages from them, giving you a profound experience to bring you peace of mind.


  • Can be called Clairvoyant Mediums, Psychic Mediums or Spirit Mediums
  • They tune into the spirit energy around you
  • They connect with your loved ones who have passed over
  • They can sometimes see your loved ones
  • They can hear your loved ones and will pass on messages from them
  • They can bring confirmation, evidence and peace of mind to you


Remember that our loved ones in the spirit world are always around you. They can see you in your daily life, they can see changes that you are going through and will even notice things like you changing your car, a new hairstyle or buying a new sofa! They send their loving energy to us in times of difficulties and want to support us from the other side, just as they would if they were still in the physical world. They want you to connect with them - ask them to help you and to stay close so that you are still linked. We may not be able to hug them or hold them close, but we can still talk to them and they will hear us.
Do you want to connect with a loved one? Spiritual mediums can bring you the evidence and confirmation that you need at TheCircle. Call our compassionate mediums now for peace of mind and link with your loved ones today.

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