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Tips to Feng Shui Your Desk


The ancient Chinese system of Feng Shui uses the art of arranging space to promote the smoothest possible flow of positive energy.  Your desk is significant because it is where your creative and mental powers are expressed.  Applying the principles of Feng Shui to your desk will enable you to concentrate, to feel in control and generally up-beat about your abilities and plans.  Follow these pointers and take an important step on your pathway to professional and financial success.


•    Tidy your desk.  This may seem obvious, but many people operate from a chaotic pit of food wrappers, junk mail and broken pens.  However busy you are, and however well you think you function from an untidy desk, it is worthwhile setting aside a couple of hours, if necessary, to sorting it out.

•    Make sure that when you sit at your desk, your chair is positioned so you can see the door.  This is basic human instinct – if you can’t see who is entering the room and may be coming up behind you, subconsciously you will feel perpetually uneasy.  You may find yourself frequently turning round, or unable to settle.  If your choice about where you face is limited, or if your desk is in the middle of a large office, where colleagues may approach from behind anyway, make sure you place something with a reflective surface, such as a photo-frame, in such a way that it mirrors anyone coming from behind.

•    Your desk needs plenty of natural light but is best not actually facing a window.  This may let too strong a stream of multiple energies into your workspace.  It can also be very distracting.  If you have to face a window, try to position a blind in a calming colour between you and the glass.

•    Choose a wooden desk with rounded edges, if possible, because sharp corners create cutting energy, which can be disruptive.  Yin softwoods like pine are relaxing, dark hardwoods like teak and mahogany are more formal.  Glass is not suitable for long working sessions, although fine for stimulating meetings.  Metal is too harsh for most office purposes.  Try to make sure your desk is as large as possible, for that will make you feel you matter.  Remember that a small desk can feel bigger if it is tidy and organized.

•    Your wealth zone is the far left hand corner of your desk. Place here something that represents money.  The Chinese traditionally use a money-plant.  You could use a wallet, a gold paperweight or anything that means financial success to you (but naturally you should make sure that valuables cannot be stolen)

•    Photographs of family should also be on the left, just closer to you than the wealth corner.

•    Awards and prizes should face you, if possible.

•    On your far right place a small reminder of your hopes and dreams for the future, such as a picture of the house or car you’ve always wanted.

•    To your right place your phone and in-tray, to keep you connected most efficiently.

•    Extra sources of information, such as your tablet, or reference manuals, should be placed to your left.

•    Electromagnetic radiation isn’t good for any of us.  Plants are helpful for absorbing bad energy from computers etc. so if you have room, place a peace lily close to your monitor.

•    If you share an office with someone troublesome, position something with a reflective surface so that it mirrors back the bad energy in their direction.  Alternatively you can use a protective crystal to stand between you and anything you find unpleasant. Take a look at Five Protective Crystals for more information on the sort of protection crystals can offer you.

•    A beautiful round paperweight or crystal in a colour that you find soothing will enable you to release stress if you need to.  Place this as centrally as you can, possibly between key-board and monitor.  You can gaze into it whenever you need to calm down.

Of course it may not be possible to put all of these ideas into practice, and in fact you may not need to.  Identify the result that is most important for you and make one or two small changes.  See how that works and after a few weeks make another change.  You should soon find your working life runs more smoothly, but as always for any major problems our readers at The Circle are here with their support in all walks of life.

PUBLISHED: 01 April 2014

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