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Seven Ways To Stay Youthful


We all worry about growing old. Of course there’s nothing you can do to prevent the years rolling along, but you can remain young, in essence, if you really want to. Follow these simple steps.


1) Always have time in your life for play. It’s what kids do, of course, but we all need play if we’re to keep our minds sharp. Play means you carry on discovering and stimulating your creativity.  And it’s fun!  So get lost in some enjoyable activity and never tell yourself you should be working.
2) Laugh, and forget about the laughter-lines!  Look for what amuses you. This might be an actual comedy show or you may prefer having a crack with mates. Anyone or anything who makes you crease up with a true belly laugh is to be treasured in life.
3) Nurture your friendships. Make these as important as family and work. Set aside time in your busy week to meet, or chat on the phone. Be part of a supportive community – this could be within a structure such as a church or club, or just the usual crowd at the local pub. That feeling of belonging is great for your youthfulness and health
4) And on that subject, look after your body. Your motto should be ‘Nothing to excess.’  Drink only moderately and give your body at least two alcohol-free days per week. Don’t smoke or take recreational drugs. Exercise regularly – this doesn’t have to be at the gym because twenty-minutes brisk walk per day plus getting up from your desk every half hour to stretch will do.  Eat healthily and sleep adequately.  It’s not rocket science! 
5) Deal with worry. We all have anxieties but brooding, and imagining the worst will give you a perma-frown, as well as convincing you life is nothing but struggle. Don’t put off challenging tasks, but get support if you possibly can. Face what needs facing, have the courage to sort what needs sorting, and the inner serenity (see below) to accept what can’t be changed.  Above all, have someone to talk to about your concerns. Our readers at The Circle are great for this, so don’t let a worry gnaw away at your youthfulness.  Make a call now!
6) Cultivate inner peace. You will often see mindfulness and meditation recommended on this site. This is because they offer something that is central to everything – the ability to alter your state of mind. Nothing in life is difficult, or dreadful, unless we make it so by seeing it that way.  Of course, you can’t magic away harsh stuff, but you truly can enable yourself to be tranquil, and even joyful. A calm face retains its youth, and a calm soul stays in touch with the gifts of childhood. 
7) Never confuse acting or dressing like a teenager with remaining young!  There is no way that you’ll convince a young person that you’re on a par with them by wearing their clothes and taking on their mannerisms. They will just think you’re sad – and deep inside you’ll know you’re sad!  The best way to appear ‘cool’ is to be yourself. Treasure the power that experience gives you, be relaxed and comfortable in your own skin, wear what suits you from current trends and old favourites, and genuinely enjoy yourself. Then you’ll be something much better than youthful – you’ll be timeless!  
Maybe your worry about aging runs very deep and you have anxieties about it that overshadow you.  But our readers can offer a change of outlook.  At TheCircle you can always contact a psychic or medium who can help you.  Benefit from a psychic reading, check your horoscope, get some advice, insight and support.  A clairvoyant reading can show ways to move forwards, so make contact with us without delay.
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