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Seven Rituals to Start Your Day Right


Do you want to make the most of your day?  Your time?  Your life?  Then you have to get in the habit of starting as you mean to go on.  It’s understandable to wake up feeling low when you have 101 jobs to attend to.  All your worries come crashing in and you just want to dive under the duvet, wishing it would all go away.  But what if you take a different attitude?  What if you decide that whatever happens you’re going to give it your best?  Get out of bed the right side, and be happier.




Writing down your dreams is a signal to your subconscious that you’re listening to it.  When you get in the habit of this, your instinctual side will begin to oblige by sending you clearer messages, and not just when you’re asleep.  If you record your dreams before you forget them you may find that the symbolism is obvious and your true feelings reveal themselves.  Some dreams may be prophetic, giving you the heads-up on what’s around the corner, but this is rarely literal and only practice will teach you to read the signs.  So put your notebook on your bedside table and reach for it first thing.




You want your body to be aware that you’re in tune with it, don’t you?  So avoid throwing yourself out of bed and staggering awkwardly off to put the kettle on.  Gentle exercises will take you smoothly into action.  Stretch your neck right and left, forward and back, but always return to the middle after each stretch.  Roll your head, reach your arms, straighten your back and be aware of the strength returning to your limbs.  Get up carefully, so you don’t pull your back, and move your feet in a circular motion.  It really is good to get going.




You don’t have to do this in detail.  Just be aware of what you have to tackle first and get yourself mentally prepared.  Okay, it might not be the easiest day, but you don’t have to complete it all at once.  All you have to do is take one moment at a time.  Once you’ve got your mind in gear, concentrate on getting ready – don’t try to do everything in your head or you’ll be exhausted before you start.




You really are in control of your state of mind, so bring up an image of yourself as calm, pleasant and efficient.  Put a smile on your face – look in the mirror and grin at your reflection.  Resolve to smile at as many people as you can, for most will smile back at you, and that’s good for everyone.




So many things demanding your attention but before the day swallows you up, remind yourself of your priorities.  What’s it all about?  What are your true values?  The daily dollar is important of course, but it isn’t the only thing, by any means.  Reconnect with your guiding principles – these may be kindness, spreading as much happiness as you can, learning karmic lessons to make this incarnation count, noticing beauty, being true to yourself, harmonizing with Nature or a host of other meanings.  Resolve that you will live through today keeping these in mind.  If you like you could say a prayer or repeat certain affirmations.  Get up early enough to meditate or do yoga – it will be worth it.




This could be spraying on your favourite fragrance, having a delicious, healthy breakfast or sending a cheery text to a friend.  Whatever it is, it’s a helping of pure pleasure, to remind you how sweet life can be.




Oriental tea ceremonies remind us that a having a beverage can be magical.  Whether you need industrial strength coffee or a healthy herbal tea, turn it into a little ritual by using a special cup and brewing up mindfully, very present in each moment.  Before you sip your drink, repeat a key-word three times – this may be ‘peace’ ‘love’ ‘gratitude’ ‘success’ ‘energy’ – or whatever you like.  Sip your drink and be uplifted.

Are there times when you just can’t seem to drag yourself into the day?  When all of the above seems absurd, impossible or empty?  Then you need the help of our warm-heated and positive readers at The Circle who can show you there is more to life.  Put in a call without delay.


PUBLISHED: 1 Dec 2014

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