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Calendar Of Colour September - Orange


As we come into September and approach summer’s end our colour is Orange. The harvest is now in and the days are slowly getting cooler and shorter, ending in spectacular Orange sunsets. Orange combines the primary colours Red and Yellow, mixing the warmth and energy of Red with the intelligence and clarity of Yellow. Orange is a very creative colour, but is also practical and constructive, both useful qualities to have as we prepare for the cold season.


Those with Orange in their aura are warm and generous souls. Orange is one of the more social colours, so these people are usually very popular. They are always willing to help someone else, although they are very independent. Orange is out going, cheerful and tolerant. This is a colour of vitality and strength. Orange people are confident and comfortable in their own skin. They generally have a positive attitude to life and energy that seems to be unlimited.
Orange is the colour of the sacral chakra, which is situated between the navel and the base of the spine. This chakra relates to gut instincts and those with Orange in their aura tend to be very good at following these physically intuitive feelings. Sometimes this ability is so strong that someone with an Orange aura can appear to lead a charmed life as they are always tuned in to what is right for them.
Orange is one of the most creative colours of the spectrum, which often leads orange people to success. Being able to combine creativity with practicality makes Orange productive and their great sense of fun helps them work well in a team or a community and genuinely work for the good of the whole. Orange has the ability to illuminate through creative activity, whether the creation is a piece of art or a beautifully decorated cake, it will have something special.
Orange is a colour that is expansive and helps us to break down barriers, freeing the spirit with that Orange zest and love of life. Orange is optimistic and motivated, having the ability to see the whole picture, rather than get bogged down in details. Orange is also a nurturing colour and Orange people tend to be naturally protective of those they love. Their inbuilt sense of justice and freedom drives them to defend those who are vulnerable.
When Orange people act from a negative perspective they can be self-indulgent and lazy, sometimes developing an inferiority complex, losing their normal self-confidence. Negative Orange can tend to hold onto past hurts, creating a block in their energy system. Those who dislike Orange can be low in vitality or feel socially inadequate, fearing that they do not fit in.

Orange Occupations

Those with Orange in their aura are likely to be working in a creative field such as interior design or fashion. Their natural ability with people also enables them to work well in media and communications and public relations. Lots of Orange people work in construction as they have the ability to physically construct their ideas.  Orange people are often involved in sports, their natural energy and vitality helps them do very well in this field.

Tints and Shades

  • Peach is a little more cautious than bright Orange, but is also good for relaxation and feeling safe
  • Amber brings out the confidence of Orange and is good for dealing with self-doubt and flagging confidence
  • Dark Orange is a colour for grounding and bringing forth the practical side of Orange.

Orange Crystals

  • Carnelian is a lovely orange crystal that encourages release of stress, enhances creativity and is also protective
  • Sunstone is an Orange/brown stone with gold flecks that encourages creative skills, gives a positive self-image and helps motivation
  • Aragonite is a warm golden Orange that helps with self-discipline, practicality and clearing the mind

Orange Décor

Orange is a good colour to use in the décor around your home as it is a warm and nurturing colour. It is particularly good for social areas of your home. Orange cooks tend to make the kitchen the heart of their home this colour works well here as well as dining rooms and family rooms. Bright Orange may be a little too stimulating for a bedroom but a soft peach is very relaxing and can aid restful sleep.

Orange Affirmation

A good way to absorb Orange into your aura is to repeat the following affirmation to yourself while focusing on the colour:
The Orange ray fills me with strength and vitality. I am positive, confident and creative.
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