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Nostradamus Predictions for 2017


What are the Nostradamus predictions for 2017? Will there be World War 3? The Nostradamus prophecies for 2017 predict economic and political change…


Nostradamus or Michel de Notre Dame, was a French astrologer, physician and seer. He began to see visions from a very young age and is said to be one of the most accurate prophets in history. It is believed that he made his predictions by focusing on a bowl of water and would often see these world event visions in a somewhat meditative state. Nostradamus has predicted many events throughout history from the Great Chicago fire in 1871, to the rising of Hitler in the 1930’s. Although his prophecies have been the targeted subject of many sceptics over the years, he has become famous in the eyes of the people and the press.
Over a half of his 1000 prophecies have already come true which has mystified historians and academics…


Nostradamus has been accurate in predicting major world events over the years including the 9/11 terrorist attack in America and the assassination of the Kennedy brothers. It is reported that over a half of his 1000 prophecies have already come true which has mystified historians and academics. He is famous for predicting the possible end of the world and has supposedly forewarned of this event many times. The end of the world predictions have been based on the outcome of war and also astronomical prophecies. How will the world end and should we be listening to the prophecies of Nostradamus? Nostradamus made his predictions in quatrain language and the translations have been certified as correct readings of major incidences. His prediction of the Great Fire of London in 1666 translated as ‘The blood of the just will be demanded of London, burnt by the fire in the year 66’ and he predicted the death of Princess Diana as ‘The ancient lady will fall from her high place’.
Natural disasters and nuclear war will form conflict when an enormous planet approaches Earth…


Nostradamus predicted many events for 2016 and although not all of his prophecies have come true, there have been several key predictions which have had some relevance. His prophecies on how will the world end have troubled many over time, yet the predictions for 2016 have not directly implied this. His prophecies for 2016 stated that there would be explosions around the Middle East, civil wars will intensify and aeroplanes will fall from the sky. His World War 3 predictions said that a war would start between two major world powers and would last for 27 years, creating major bloodshed that would also correspond with the emergence of a comet from the sky. Natural disasters and nuclear war will form conflict when an enormous planet approaches Earth. Nostradamus predicted earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and a fire in the Gulf States for 2016.  
According to global politics theorists, China will become the next world’s superpower…



What are the Nostradamus predictions for 2017? Will there be World War 3 predictions or major tragic events and how will the world end? Indeed, it appears Nostradamus has not predicted the end of the world in 2017, but politics between countries seems to continue as we struggle on with lack of energy resources and economic crisis. The quatrain prophecies for 2017 have been translated as:
China: Nostradamus has predicted that in 2017 China will make bold moves to cure the economic imbalance in the world. According to global politics theorists, China will become the next world’s superpower.
Peace Agreement: Nostradamus predicted that the United States will oppose a new truce and that Russia and The Ukraine will come to a peace agreement.
Latin America: The Nostradamus prophecies state that 2017 will be a year of definition for Latin American countries as governments move away from certain policies.
Global Warming Wars: Nostradamus predicted that there will be wars over global warming as resources diminish. He also said that the greatest threat in the future will be bio-wars and terrorists.
Solar Power: Nostradamus said that there will be more widespread use of solar power, helping economies guard against increasing energy costs and the impact of climate change.
Italy: Italy will become the epicentre of the EU financial crisis as non-performing loans and unemployment rises. The banking system is in serious trouble as debtors are unable to pay off the loans.



Nostradamus was believed to be a seer which is a person who has a Clairvoyant ability to see visions or images in their mind. His insight in to world events over the years has proved to sceptics, scientists and non-believers that events can be foreseen and predicted in the mind’s eye. Getting insight to the future can forewarn and forearm you, helping you to prepare in how to deal with things. Psychic readings work on the basis of guidance for your future, giving positive advice and insight in love, relationships, work or family. Professional Psychic readings do not predict negative events and are conducted purely on an empowering basis. If you need insight and guidance for current circumstances or for the future, speak to one of our gifted Readers at TheCircle. Inspire yourself for the year ahead.


PUBLISHED: 14 November 2016

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