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The Gathering of the Midsummer Fairies


The Summer Solstice is – as Shakespeare tells us - the time of fairy enchantment. In folklore, it is said that on Midsummer’s night, the fairy tribes gather together, to make music, magic and mischief. And in Cornwall, on the day of the Summer Solstice, June 21st, there will be an attempt at a Guinness World Record: the largest gathering of fairies in one place! Humans can help make this happen: all you have to do is turn up at the 3 Wishes Celtic Fairy Festival, Torpoint, wearing wings, a tutu and holding a wand!


The evenings of this three day event will be filled with music and glowing lights, the days with fairy dancing, drumming, healing, storytelling, ritual, magic workshops and fairy classes – fairy delicacies to nibble, and a myriad of shiny, sparkly things to buy and wear!
This is all connected with the sparkle and vitality of Midsummer, when Nature is at her peak. The Sun energy is highest, we have maximum daylight and the Solstice, in the Northern hemisphere, is the longest day. 
It’s a time of abundant growth, the seeds have woken from their Winter slumber, they’ve found nourishment throughout the Spring and the plants are now bursting with colour and lushness, bringing a feeling of exuberance and celebration.
Summer is about outdoor activities, holidays and breaks from school. There’s enjoyment and relaxation, when we can escape the everyday stresses of work for a while, and “recharge our batteries”. This is the ideal time for a reading, where we can get perspective on how our spiritual selves are developing, how we are healing from past afflictions or heartache and where and how we are to gain appreciation and to feel valued. At this time of light, our mediums and clairvoyants can link with your energies and draw that light in, leaving you feeling uplifted and confident. 


Season of Love and Weddings

Summer is for love and weddings: will that holiday romance lead to anything? Is there a ring or a proposal, will the marriage be a good one? Or is love on the way? Our talented psychics will know! Many of us like sport and will be competing during Summer bouts; and our kids will be developing and showing off their talents – what potential shows in the natal chart?  And how do the planets at the Summer Solstice affect our personal astrology? It is a powerful moment, when the Sun enters the sign of Cancer the Crab, bringing a new, loving and protective phase. All our astrologers need is the full date of birth (it’s helpful if the time and place of birth is known, but not essential). Our Tarot readers work with the symbols of the self: the mystical cards symbolising the four Elements, Fire, Water, Air and Earth as embodied by the forces of Nature and whose qualities are within all of us; and the sequence of major cards, representing the journey through life and the cycles within it. The pattern of the cards is also the Wheel of the Year, taking us through the seasons, the Solstice being the high point, the Wheel of Fortune, where all things must change. There are many beautiful designs of Tarot, an art form in itself – including many Fairy Tarots.

Fairies- Mythical Creatures

What is it about fairies that hold our fascination? Theorists say that the legends of “the little people” are part of a race memory of Stone Age tribes who were short in stature and who were ultimately conquered or driven into hiding by invaders who had iron weapons. Their green clothing helped them retreat and hide in the woods and so, this colour came to be owned by the fairy folk. To this day, it’s said that fairies fear cold iron: you can protect yourself against fairy mischief by wearing iron jewellery made from nails. Others say that fairies are a separate genus of beings, “between Man and Angel”, some that they are magical creatures from the “otherworld”. There was a belief that a fairy was a transformed human perhaps that had been swapped at birth, a fairy baby left behind while the fairies stole the human child. Some say they are fantasy and figments of our imagination, or an artistic representation and explanation of natural phenomena. Many others believe that they’re nature spirits, guardians of trees, the earth, caves, streams and of course those lovely creatures of the air, whose fairy wings sparkle in the light and catch the corner of your eye on a summer’s evening!
Fairies will often grant us wishes. They are compelled to always tell the truth, but they might speak in riddles! Do you know what you want to wish for? Do you have a riddle that needs solving? This is the time for that decision, so is it Solstice sense or Midsummer madness? Ask us at TheCircle and book a reading today. We can show you ways to move forward and help you make your wishes come true. Call 0800 067 3550 or go to
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