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Meditations for the Longest Night


At the end of December we are in the domain of darkness.  Turn inwards and reflect, for when night rules outside the inner flames burn the most brightly, and you may find clarity and inspiration.


Find a time of quiet, when you can relax.  Choose the meditation that appeals to you and concentrate on that for ten minutes, or longer if you wish.  Play soft background music that fades out when it’s time to return to the everyday.  If you then wish to proceed to another meditation, that’s fine, and you can give yourself half an hour or more of Solstice tranquility.  Lighting the candle at the start of each meditation will signal a change of consciousness.

Gold Meditation. Meditate on your gifts


Light a gold candle.  What has life given you that you possibly take for granted?  Think about things like health, energy, friends, family, your garden, your activities – when you put your mind to it you will find there are many simple things that produce considerable joy.  Dwell on one of them, and let thankfulness for this fill your being, sending love and warmth outwards but also casting the light of gratitude on everything around you.  Ask that you be given the ability to appreciate even more, and see contentment filling your life, and the lives of those close to you.  The golden glow envelopes you, radiates from you.  Be with this until it’s time to become grounded once more.

Frankincense Meditation. Mediatate on your spirituality


Light a purple candle.  Bring your spiritual perspective into your awareness – this may be a feeling of the presence of Goddess or God in whatever way manifests for you.  It may be angels, spirit guides, past-life recall, a feeling you get when you’re out in Nature or doing what feels right to you.  You are now connecting with something much greater than you – you may be aware that your current life is but one in a series of many, putting all issues into perspective.  It may be as if you are lifted up into the stars - all has meaning, all is empowered by Love.  Grace surrounds you and a violet/white light shines from you, enabling you to see this life for what it is and remain serene.  You are progressing and you are never alone.  Be with this until it’s time to ‘come back’.


Myrrh Meditation. Meditate on letting go.


Light a black candle.  There are matters in the life of each one of us that bring us grief or anxiety, or just make us feel bad about ourselves.  This may be a relationship that’s run its course or a habit that’s bringing you down.  At the longest night, give a troublesome issue a decent burial.  Imagine it clearly, laid in its coffin and put to rest in the dark, Midwinter earth.  Imagine that you are dressed in black, mourning, saying goodbye (it can be sad moving on from what’s familiar, even it’s been causing unhappiness).  As you move away from the graveside, imagine the black that covers you lightening to a deep, Christmas tree green.  Let the tranquility of this green soothe you, with its message that life goes on, until it is time to return to the everyday.


Final meditation for peace.


Light a white candle and ask that peace spread its healing wings over the earth.  Imagine wars ending and co-operation, consideration and caring taking their place.  Imagine peace also in your life – you may find this especially heartening after the rather somber myrrh meditation.  Let a white light surround you and all you touch.  You may like to round off your reflections by making a call to one of our skilled readers, to set your feet on the path to the Light.  Happy Yuletide!


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