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Manage Your Weight By Mind Power


Have you tried every diet there is and still find yourself overweight and unhappy?  Do you despair of ever having the figure you dream of?  Chances are you’ve been going about this in completely the wrong way, using ‘will-power’ to limit what you eat and following a regime laid down in some club, book or internet site.  Stop denying yourself and get in touch with your deepest needs.


Will-power versus Imagination

When you’re on a diet, chances are you are using will-power to keep on track.  You tell yourself to be strong and push thoughts of cream cakes, chocolate and chips out of your mind a thousand times a day.  Meanwhile you’re constantly thinking about food – either because you have to plan your next meal or because you’re just plain starving!  That poor old will-power is stretched to the max fighting something that is always a million times stronger – your imagination.  Will-power wins a hundred battles but it can never win the war.  Imagination wears countless disguises and comes straight from the great super-power of the subconscious, armed to the teeth with fears, memories and beliefs. 


Eventually brave little will-power gets nuked, you stuff your face and the diet’s broken.  At this point you probably feel all is lost, the entire regime goes out of the window, you put on even more weight and feel even worse about yourself.  You’re on a downward spiral of failure, loss of self-esteem and increasing weight, as your metabolism slows with each diet-effort.  ‘Ah, but so-and-so can do it!’ you may wail, thinking about your svelte friend who lost four stone.  Wait, just wait.  How many people do you know who have lost considerable weight, on a set diet, and still been slim after five years?  Practically none, I’ll bet, and if you do know someone who’s achieved it, you can be sure they’ve done it by in some way getting their imagination to work for them.

Imagination on your side

To win the war against excess weight, forget all about diets.  Of course we should all moderate the fast food, colas and refined carbohydrates we eat, so organize yourself to have some proper food in the cupboard.  Then try the following tips:
•    Every morning when you wake and every evening as you go to sleep, imagine yourself the weight you want to be.  You can use a photo, or just your powers of visualization.  Affirm that is you so strongly that you feel the joy and freedom of it.
•    Play soft music, relax and be aware of your breathing, realizing that it connects you to all that lives.  Focus on the present moment, all the little sounds, the feeling of your clothes, and really be in the here-and-now.  When you are really relaxed, repeat to yourself “I eat only when I am hungry, I eat slowly enjoying every mouthful, and when I’m full, I stop eating.  I can leave food on my plate, I can throw it away or store it.  My body is not a dustbin, I do not put into it food it does not need’.  It is a good idea to record this short paragraph and play it to yourself when you are tranquil, or going off to sleep – your subconscious will absorb the message.
•    Also while you are relaxed, affirm to yourself that you will hesitate before all available food, give yourself time to get in touch with your body, and only when you are sure your body needs this food and will enjoy it, do you accept it.
•    Comfort-eating is very common.  Be honest with yourself – do you eat for comfort?  And does it work?  If it does, then that will only be for a short time, until you start to feel bloated and angry at yourself.  Try to find out why you need comfort, and what you truly lack in your life that you are seeking to replace.  Instead of comfort-eating, do something else that will bring you peace – a little yoga, meditation, a short walk or doing a crossword.  And of these can bring peace, and benefits that will truly last.

Being overweight can be very depressing, and you may be very down about it.  Before trying to tackle the issue, give yourself a lift.  Our sympathetic readers at The Circle will understand your problem and will give you helpful advice and insight.  Feel better – put in a call today.


PUBLISHED: 14 October 2014

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