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Listen To Your Inner Voice

You have been gifted with instinct – an inner ‘knowingness’ that can guide you with precision, even when issues are not clear, or when you are being purposely deceived. Many times you may ignore that voice, perhaps only to realise at a later time that you should have paid attention. Learn to respect your inner voice and follow its directions and you will be happier and more successful.

Learn about:
  • What your inner voice really is
  • Why it’s important
  • Seven steps to cultivating it


This is sometimes called ‘intuition’, inner wisdom, spiritual guidance or simply ‘gut feeling’. You may not be aware of it as a ‘voice’ exactly – it may be an emotion, feeling, impression or nagging thought. Often it may be a physical sensation such as a shiver down the spine, an unsettled feeling in the stomach or a warm glow in the chest.  
Your inner voice may communicate only fleetingly. This is quite probably because you tend to reason it away or block it completely. After all, it doesn’t seem logical and you may fear that a strong inner voice means that you are crazy.
However, your inner voice is the most ancient wisdom there is. You may link it to the subconscious, to race memory or to the fact that so much of the human brain remains unused, its powers untapped. You may regard it as a sixth sense, as yet unidentified by science, or maybe the actual promptings of your spirit helpers. Or you may accept that we are all a little psychic and your inner voice comes from that part of you.
You do not have to be especially psychic to cultivate that inner voice. Trust it, take note of it and it will become louder and clearer.



Life is very complicated and we are all bombarded by impressions. It’s hard for the conscious mind to sort all of this. Your analytical self can go round and round in circles trying to make sense, but that inner voice can see what’s important and go straight for it.
Because of our materialistic culture it is easy to get bogged down in what we call ‘ordinary life’ and forget deeper meanings and spiritual significance. That inner voice never loses its compass and will never lose touch with your true priorities.
In addition there are people all around us with their own agendas that may run contrary to our best interests. They do not have to be evil, or to wish us ill, but they may manipulate situations to their advantage. Your inner voice spots those sorts of shenanigans a mile off and will give you a feeling of unease, if you only listen.
To be one jump ahead, to cut through anything misleading, to avoid harm and to choose the best path ahead, your inner voice is your best friend, and it’s worth developing the connection.


  • ACCEPT THE TRUTH OF THAT VOICE. If you’re in any doubt that you have an inner voice and that it matters, get rid of it. Think of all the accounts you’ve heard of people whose lives were saved or who were amazingly successful because they listened to their intuition. Just because you don’t often hear that voice does not mean it isn’t there.
  • MEDITATE REGULARLY even if you only have ten minutes to spare, here and there. Meditation changes your consciousness, opening you to other realities. The more you access that consciousness the closer you draw to the realms of that inner voice.
  • NOTICE YOUR BODY. When you go into any challenging situation tune in to your physical sensations. You don’t have to interpret them immediately, just notice them.
  • CONSULT THAT INNER WISDOM. If you are puzzled and unsure, ask your inner voice. You may not hear the answer loud and clear, but ask the question.
  • GIVE YOURSELF TIME. Often your inner voice will speak later, or later you will realise that it was speaking to you all the time, but day to day impressions drowned it out. For instance you may meet someone that seemed very pleasant, but when you think back to the encounter you realise that you were feeling tense all the time you were with them. If you’re doing your best to behave and appear in a certain way, you don’t give space to your inner voice, but it carries on whispering long after the event.
  • ACT ON THE PROMPTINGS OF THAT VOICE. As soon as you begin to tune in, really respect your inner voice and follow what it says. Sometimes the directions it gives can be hard to follow but they are right for you and will lead you to happiness in the end.
  • NOTE YOUR FEELINGS AND OUTCOMES. It’s easy to forget what has happened and your conscious mind may reason away even the most impressive signs that your inner voice is correct. But if you make a note you have reminders. As you see the proof of that voice it will guide you more and more clearly and effectively.





Now you’ve learnt about your inner voice, why it’s important and seven steps to cultivating it. This will help you tremendously in life, keeping you connected to your true essence. In the meantime, our insightful Readers are always on standby. Phone today to gain understanding of your life and see your path ahead.


PUBLISHED: 01 November 2017

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