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Five Ways to Have a Great Weekend


You work hard for five days out of the seven and when Friday night arrives you unwind and hope that the next forty-eight hours will be really great.  But how often does that actually happen?  How frequently do you wake up Monday morning dissatisfied with yourself and wondering what the weekend was all about?  It isn’t just the week ahead that’s getting you down.  The truth is you haven’t used the weekend the way you should, if you really want to recharge your batteries.  It may take a little strength, but if you make some changes your weekends can be the regenerating and uplifting experience you dream of.



Keep those sensible habits


Your usual routine probably involves getting up early and if you’re at all health-conscious it may include regular gym-trips and maintaining a sensible eating plan.  At the weekend you may well abandon all of that.  If so, have a re-think.  Instead of that long lie-in, allow yourself an extra half hour at the most on Saturdays and Sundays – you’ll feel much better and you won’t lose half your weekend dozing.  Do not pig out – you know it doesn’t do you any favours physically or mentally.  Make sure you take exercise, because that lifts your mood.  Happiness at the weekend does not come from abandoning all your good habits, so keep up your standards.


Have time for Spirituality


Sunday always used to be a day of rest, when little work was done and people went to church.  Mostly we’ve left all that behind and it’s hard to believe we’re better for it.  Whatever your spirituality, spend at least an hour with it, on Sunday.  Even if you aren’t Christian, going to church could still be a pleasant experience, where you stop talking, soak up an atmosphere of the divine and reflect on what life means to you.  Or you could practice mindfulness, yoga, or meditation.  If you worship Nature, take a walk and get in tune with the trees and hills. This will calm you and restore your sense of proportion.


Keep those sensible habits


Make a social commitment at some point during your time off.  If you’re always wandering down to your local or meeting friends in cafes that won’t be difficult.  But if not, it’s all too easy to drift into a weekend where you don’t see much of anyone.  Change this by planning ahead and making dates.  Join a club or society, so you have somewhere to mingle.  It doesn’t really matter if you don’t meet loads of kindred spirits – being with other people is good so give those relationships time to develop.


Have time for spirituality


Okay, so you ‘love’ sprawling on the sofa with a huge bag of crisps and watching TV, but that’s not really having a passion in life.  What hobbies do you have?  What gives you excitement, satisfaction, fulfilment?  In what ways do you like to be creative?  If inspiration is lacking now, turn to the past.  What did you love as a child, teenager or young adult?  Prepare for this activity in any way you can – for instance, if you want to paint try to have your easel and paints to hand, so you don’t waste half of Saturday getting organised.  If you love playing an instrument, don’t stash it away in the loft.  Just a couple of hours spent on your adored pastime will regenerate you.


Commit to smiling


At the weekend promise yourself you’ll adopt a more positive attitude.  Spend time with jolly friends, watch a funny film or read something that makes you laugh.  Play a game by smiling at strangers and see how many you can get to smile back.  Memorise a joke and tell it to a mate.  Do something wacky.  Painting a big grin on your face sends positive feedback to your brain and eventually you’ll really feel that everything has a funny side.

It’s not always easy to change habits and attitudes, even if you know this will be good for you.  That’s one of the many reasons we’re here. We can offer medium readings and psychic readings and our on-line mediums are always there with their insight and wisdom from beyond this world.  Getting a reading could enable you to chill and feel much better.  Put in a call today and be reassured and supported.


PUBLISHED: 12 January 2015

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