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Five Ways to Awaken your Intuition


We all have intuitive powers, and learning how to awaken yours can be life-enhancing, enabling you to make the right choices and also to feel that the Universe is a network of secret meaning, of which you are a part.  Daily life gets in the way of intuition, especially when we are stressed and busy, and having to do a lot of tasks that require analytical thinking.  By making a few tweaks to the way you act, you can develop those valuable instincts that are your birthright.



Spend time in nature


Many people assume that psychic powers are fostered by shadows and candlelight, but that’s a mistake.  Out in the natural world your instincts will learn to flow.  The relaxing, harmonizing effect of hills, trees, wildlife or the ocean can enable you to ‘plug in’ to abilities that lie dormant.  After all, intuition is ‘natural’ and animals are blessed with a sixth sense, so why not you?  The more time you can be outdoors the better.   Try to go with as few things on your mind as possible, look about you and notice what is there.  Touch trees, walk barefoot in a meadow, feel the wind in your hair, and your inner being will open up.


Notice your dreams


Dreams are the key to so much and many people have prophetic dreams – but you have to remember them!  Keep a notepad by your bed to jot down your dreams as soon as you wake – just by doing this you are sending a message to your subconscious that your dreams matter.  If your sleep cycle is such that you rarely wake in the middle of dreaming, try going to bed a little earlier or later, or change the time on your alarm.  Those dreams are there – you just have to catch them!


Don't lose it - Use it?


Intuition is like a muscle – if you don’t keep working it, it weakens and becomes ineffectual.  So strengthen your intuition by bringing it into play.  When the phone rings, ask yourself who it is.  When playing games, follow your hunches, and always consult your inner feelings when making decisions, especially about whom to trust.  You will start to notice how often you are right and as your confidence grows your intuition will become stronger.



Train in some form of Divination


Tarot cards, astrology, runes – all these are tools to help the intuition.  They give the analytical mind something to work with, so releasing subtle powers.  Pick what appeals most to you and practice it regularly.




The single, greatest barrier between you and the vast sea of magical energy that surrounds you, is tension.  Meditate, do yoga or listen to soft music for a while each day and let yourself be lifted into a world of peace and calmness, where your intuitive powers have room to move.

In time you will find that there are many things that you just ‘know.’  But it always helps to get advice from a professional – and sometimes that can be very inspiring, reaffirming your faith in spirit.  So treat yourself to a reading from one of The Circle’s clairvoyants and mediums – it could be your first step to greater knowledge.     

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