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How Psychic Readings Can De-stress Your Life


April is Stress Awareness Month. Find ways to reduce stress in relationships, work or home, so that you feel happier and more positive about your future…


It seems that stress is a major issue in many people’s lives, with the UK having 37% of work absences related to stress in 2016. April is Stress Awareness Month, encouraging people to take into consideration all areas of their life so that they can minimise stress for a healthier, happier future. Psychic readings can give you reassurance and insight to help you feel more positive, since stress creates negativity and it can be so easy for us to let pressure get to us. Sometimes stress can become such an influence in our lives that it can result in physical symptoms and mental exhaustion. If we can improve our attitude towards difficulties we are facing, reduce stress and find a better balance in life, we can take a more active approach to making important changes. 

Psychic readings can give you honest and compassionate guidance for your relationship…

Relationship Stress

Stress and anxiety in relationships can cause problems in love and communication can often break down. Once communication has broken down, both of you may feel that you can’t openly talk about feelings and may not feel supported by each other. If you are constantly arguing or in contrast, not talking at all – this adds fuel to the fire and will have a negative impact on your relationship. There can be many reasons why a relationship is stressful; making an effort with each other, long-term commitment and trust seem to be the most prominent factors. Outside influences in your life may be having a negative effect on your relationship too. Whether your jobs are affecting the time you spend together or that family rifts have caused upset, it’s important to understand that something needs to change. Psychic readings can give you honest and compassionate guidance for your relationship. Sometimes we need a helping hand in knowing if a relationship is worth all the upset, or if it’s time to set yourself free and move on. If you can have an open and honest conversation with your partner to find out how they are feeling too, it could make all the difference. If outside influences are taking their toll, then both of you need to recognise this and actively make changes to resolve the situation. If you love your partner and want to improve your relationship, then work together to transform your connection, book a holiday, arrange to go out for dinner or just make sure you regularly have some special time to be together. It’s not always easy, but relationship problems rarely go away – they need to be worked on to find solutions.

If you’re unhappy in your job, then maybe it’s time to consider a change?

Pressure at Work

Many businesses nowadays increase work tasks with their employees, instead of taking on more staff to fulfil the work. Workers can be multi-tasking and working in several areas that were not originally on their job description. While this is not necessarily a negative thing (because you may be learning new skills!), it can increase pressure when you are working extra hours to complete your workload or not managing to take 10 minutes for a quick lunch break. Responsibilities at work can also create stress and high management roles can become a personal strain if business is not going well. Speak to your manager and discuss your commitments if you are worried. De-stress by getting more work, life, balance. If you can create a balance that enables you to take time out, switch off and relax, then you will be more productive at work. Whether you take up meditation, yoga or getting out in the fresh air for a walk – it will undoubtedly help you to clear your mind and release stress and tension from your working day. If you’re unhappy in your job, then maybe it’s time to consider a change? What do you really want to do? Make a list of your dreams and aspirations, list the positives and negatives about your current role, and work out what changes you need to make to de-stress your working life. Psychic readings can give you important insight for your future work. Think about your future and find a job that you love.

Stressful situations can have such a negative impact on us…

Stress at Home

Our home is our sanctuary, a place where we should be able to relax at the end of the day and feel that we can switch off from work and spend time with our families. Whether you have family stress, problems with the neighbours or you desperately want to move home, it’s important to have a positive approach so that stress does not become a major issue in your life. Stressful situations can have such a negative impact on us and it can be all too easy to get locked into a subdued mindset where we find it difficult to deal with the smallest of things. Here are a few tips in how to reduce stress in your home:
  • Release stress at home by communicating with your family in a calm environment, have open discussions on how you can all improve situations and motivate each other to act in making family or home life better. 
  • Make your home a haven, burn incense or light candles, play relaxing music, take time out enjoy have an aromatherapy bath or make more time for your favourite hobby. Making changes to create a relaxing environment, can help a great deal. 
  • If you need guidance on stressful situations at home, our gifted Readers can help you to understand circumstances, look at them in perspective and give positive clarity to find the best solutions.



Stress, anxiety and tension can give you sleepless nights, compounding your worries and affecting how you function in everyday life. Finding ways to reduce stress will help you to focus and feel more positive about your future, but when you’re struggling to see a way forward, psychic readings will empower you helping you to find clarity. Speak to our gifted Readers at TheCircle for guidance in relationships, family or work. Psychic readings can help you discover your next step forward, ensuring a happier and stress-free life. Speaking to our compassionate Readers today, could change your life and help you to focus on the future with a more positive approach.


PUBLISHED: 11 April 2017

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