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Does Crossing Fingers Bring Luck?

The origin of fingers crossed and why people think that the fingers crossed superstition will bring us luck and protect us from negativity…


Crossing fingers is an age old superstition that most of us do and believe in to bring luck or courage. It is not only the physical action of crossing fingers, but we also say ‘fingers crossed’ when we want something to work out or we need luck for success. Crossing fingers is a universal tradition but why do we do it and what exactly is the origin of fingers crossed?
The crossing fingers superstition is said to ward off negative spirits, bringing good luck and protection…


There is no solid history in terms of the origin of fingers crossed but it is assumed that it comes from Christians making the sign of the cross with their fingers, perhaps to secretly symbolise their faith apart from other religions when Christianity was kept low profile in the early days. Crossing fingers is not a common gesture in Asian countries or Muslim cultures, which may suggest that it stems from Christian origin. It is believed that the fingers crossed meaning was initially invented involving two people. One person would extend their hand with their thumb and index finger making an L shape, and the other person would do the same, forming the shape of the Christian fish symbol. The sign of the fish and the cross became a Christian symbol of good luck. The crossing fingers superstition is said to ward off negative spirits, bringing good luck and protection.
It is believed to be lucky to see a black cat or for a black cat to cross your path…



The fingers crossed superstition is not the only sign meaning good luck, and while many don’t believe in superstition, many people still do. Most superstitions have been created from religious and cultural traditions, and originate from many years ago. Superstition is not only based on good luck, but there are also superstitions for bad luck and therefore possibly circumstances or actions that should be avoided.
Crossing Fingers – brings good luck, protection and hope for a positive outcome.
Black Cat – It is believed to be lucky to see a black cat or for a black cat to cross your path.
A Horseshoe – Owning a horseshoe and having it placed on your front door brings luck to the house. The horseshoe should be turned upside down, if it is turned the other way around, it can mean that your luck can run out.
Touching Wood – Many people believe that touching wood as you are thinking or saying something that you wish for, encourages good luck in that situation.
Four Leaf Clover – Finding a four leaf clover is considered very good luck as they are so difficult and unusual to come across.
WALKING UNDER A LADDER – Superstitious people have always avoided walking under a ladder, believing that it will bring them bad luck.
BREAKING A MIRROR – Breaking a mirror is thought to bring seven years of bad luck.
SPILLING SALT – Spilling salt is considered bad luck but can be counteracted if the person throws some of the salt over their shoulder.
NEW SHOES – Placing new shoes on a table is believed to bring the wearer bad luck.
ONE MAGPIE – Seeing one magpie (‘one for sorrow’) portends that the person will have sorrow and bad luck.
We all have free will to make things happen or to stop things from happening, so in essence we are in control of our own destiny…



While some people are superstitious and some are not, many believe that we can create our own luck through our thoughts and our actions. The word ‘luck’ suggests that it is something out of our control and that we should leave fate to determine whether we are lucky or not. Although fate is believed to be a supernatural power that supposedly has our life planned out, it is also something that we can have a certain amount of control over too. For example, if you wanted to win the lottery, you would not have a chance if you did not buy a ticket. If you wanted to travel the world, you would not be able to unless you earned the money to enable you to do it. We all have free will to make things happen or to stop things from happening, so in essence we are in control of our own destiny. The power of positive thinking is far more successful in achieving your hopes and dreams and believing that you can have success in your desires, as it creates visualisation and manifestation.




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PUBLISHED: 07 September 2016

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