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Creating Peace At Home


All places have their own spirit.  How can you make yours a peaceful space to inhabit, where you can calm down, throw off the cares of the day and be deeply nourished?



To create peace, you need first to have cleanliness.  Of course you do not have to polish and scrub, but a quick dust and vacuum is necessary.  Doing housework isn’t much respected these days, yet home is so important to health and well-being.  You wouldn’t go without your regular shower or bath, so why should your home be okay dirty?  Grime encourages bad vibes, so get rid of it and with the minimum of daily effort your home will stay ok.  Make sure there is no damp, for that can be especially bad for the atmosphere.  Get rid of clutter, for piles of stuff stop the smooth flow of the life-force.  Once you are in the habit of being reasonably clean and tidy you’ll feel more relaxed in your space.


Is the atmosphere in your home not as pleasant as you would like?  Maybe people have argued, or been unhappy there, maybe sorrow – even tragedy – have affected the air.  If you have any doubts, do some light psychic cleansing by taking a lavender joss-stick around your entire dwelling.  As you do so, imagine the incense penetrating every corner, gently but thoroughly dispelling the negative vibes.  When you have completed that, place the joss-stick in your living room and affirm that its fragrance is blessing you with peace.  If you feel that something more drastic is needed, call one of our readers at The Circle, to advise you how to get rid of any unpleasant ‘presences’ you may sense.


The atmosphere of your home can change while you are out and if the house is empty, energies can stagnate and become uninviting.  To stop this happening, leave music playing.  Coming in to the sound of soothing music will be very welcoming at the end of a demanding day.


Most animals are great importers of peace.  Just by being there they alter the atmosphere for the better and there is little more peaceful than a sleeping cat or dog.  Goldfish are also very soothing.  It is well-known that pets have a healing quality, and they can heal locations as well as people.


Now that your home is clean and tidy, any colours you choose will have greater effect.  Pastels and neutral shades create the most peaceful surroundings.  Green is healing, blue very calming, lilac spiritually uplifting, pink heart-warming and pale gold encouraging.  Remember that when painted on the wall shades often look considerably darker than in the pot.  If you want to create a calm vibe, pick mostly light colours, avoid busy prints and choose just a few ornaments with clean, balanced lines.  This isn’t to say that splashes of colour are in any way ‘bad’ or that clusters of vases or pictures will attract bad vibes.  It’s just that if your priority is peace, less is more.


Sound is absorbed by your surroundings and the vibrations linger long after the sound has died to human ears.  All the while soothing music s playing you are building up a calm vibe.  Take a sounding bowl round your dwelling and refresh it with the pure tone, or ring a bell.  Plain chant, as sung by monks, has perhaps the most calming vibe of all – don’t assume that it’s all about religion, for it is not.  Such chanting was designed to create a meditative and uplifting state of mind and encourage inner awakening.  If you really can’t get away from the ‘churchy’ associations, pick Tibetan chanting, dolphin sounds or whatever works for you.


Crystals will build a peaceful vibe for you.  Rose quartz is especially good at this, bringing gentleness and serenity.  Amethyst is also tranquil, while being more ‘spiritual’ – it will help you if you want to meditate or do visualization exercises.  You may also like other crystals but be very attuned to their effects because while there are no ‘bad’ crystals, some have more challenging effects and may not be what you want. You can also have a read of Crystals for Relaxtion for more advice.


Try not to argue too much in your space and don’t lose your temper!  This does not mean repressing feelings for that can create the worst vibe of all – it means earnestly trying to relax, unwind and uplift, internally.  It may mean taking heated discussions etc, outdoors.  There is no need to fret about this for a home is a place to live in, with all that entails of tiffs and tantrums.  Just be aware that prolonged and/or repeated times of negative emotion will imprint themselves on your surroundings.  So much the better if you can sing, laugh, meditate and pray in your space, and feel harmony establishing itself around you.

Peace can be elusive in our stressful lives and however hard you try you may not feel sufficiently calmed and regenerated within your living space.  If this is the case, get in touch with our encouraging readers who will show you how to make the changes you need.

PUBLISHED: 01 October 2014

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