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Are You A Hoarder?


We all keep what we don’t need. These may be mementos of past occasions or garments that we will, one day, slim down to wear again. It’s very easy to justify hanging on to stuff, saying that it could come in handy. But you know you've got a problem when you feel you just can’t get rid of things, when you've no room to move with piles of ‘stuff’ growing around you, and when throwing out causes you real pain. You need to take action before life becomes impossible.



Why do people hoard things?


There are many different ways that we try to cope with anxiety, and hoarding is one of them. Perhaps you have suffered painful losses, but one thing you know you can hang on to is your collection of material objects. Maybe you weren’t loved or understood in the way you needed, so familiar things are a comfort. Perhaps there was poverty, or a lack of some kind and you want to fill the gap. In a world where there is so much we cannot control, it can be reassuring to know that those old school books, that pile of chipped crockery, those bags bursting with frumpy clothes, cannot be taken away.


Tackle the Issue


• You know, deep down, there’s a problem. Every month, every year, there’s less room in your house. Stop putting off your sort-out. Start now.

• Be stern with yourself about justifying the habit. So you found a use for that old screw – big deal! Shops are full of them and they cost pence.

• Remember that actual ‘things’ aren’t the only material possessions – space to move and breathe, and your health are more important.

• Your time is also a commodity. You may feel triumphant (and even justified in your hoarding) when you find just the thing you need under your piles. But how long did it take? Probably it would have been quicker to buy it.

• You aren’t being thrifty by hoarding. Your time, space and energy are actually being wasted.

• Begin by stopping the in-flow. Every time you get something, throw out its equivalent. Put junk mail straight into the recycling. Invest in a Kindle rather than buy books.

• Start small – one corner, one drawer at a time.

• Keep up the momentum – one carrier bag per day, one bin-bag per week.

• Accept this will be painful, but hang on to the realisation that although it feels as if you’re saying goodbye to old friends, you are not!

• It can help to have the support of a friend who can encourage you to keep your mind clear and enable you to see the funny side.

• Where possible, recycle, or give to charity. You will get satisfaction from knowing your things have found a home.

• Promise yourself a reward for each large bag you get rid of, such as an outing with mates.

Coping with hoarding instincts isn’t easy. Sometimes all the strategies don’t seem to work, and you keep finding reasons to hoard. That’s one of the many reasons we¹re here. We can offer medium readings and psychic readings and our on-line mediums are always there with their insight and wisdom from beyond this world. Getting a reading could enable you to become calmer and confident, able to take life in your stride. Put in a call today and be reassured and supported.


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