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Your Stars for The Month Ahead January



 Make the most of the next four weeks with some cosmic insight and advice.

It’s still the season of goodwill as you’ll be basking in the friendship and generosity of your social group.  Hang around encouraging people because as the month progresses you could be having all sorts of doubts.  These simply come from your imagination and it really is up to you to find that positive slant.
AVOID dwelling on past mistakes or things that went wrong.
FOCUS on doing acts of random kindness – they will cheer you up!
Flaunt what you’ve got because there are influential people close by who can help you on your way, if you show you’re up for it.  Nothing flashy – just do what you’re good at and glam up a bit.  As the month progresses you will make more friends through displaying how empathic and supportive you can be.
AVOID saying too much.  When in doubt keep schtum and smile.
FOCUS on your ambitions – what can you realistically achieve?
Information for its own sake fascinates you, it’s true, but now you’ll be more fulfilled if you search for meanings.  What are your spiritual values and how can you explore and deepen them?  This can be fun, even leading to journeys and adventures.  You don’t have to find The Answer – just open your mind.
AVOID impatience – forcing the issue will be counter-productive
FOCUS on travel and expanding your ideas.  
Your relationships can be rewarding as long as you meet the other person half way and also make it clear you expect the same from them.  What if they won’t cooperate?  Accept you can’t control the situation but stick to your own truth, quietly and fairly.  Ways forward will appear.
AVOID expecting total empathy and support.  Life is the art of the possible.
FOCUS on being comfortable with yourself for then all will fall into place.
Happy coincidences put you in a good mood and encourage you to expect the best – which actually means you draw some lovely things your way.  It will be wisest not to push your luck early in the month, although a light-bulb moment can show you how to turn even opposition to advantage. 
AVOID blowing your own trumpet.  Why make others feel bad?
FOCUS on making every moment in the day count.
Have a good sort out and you’ll not only be much more organized (you adore that feeling!) – you’ll also turn up something interesting and informative.  After mid-month, partners could be demanding.  If you show you’re on course and tackling the most important issues, you’ll deflect criticism.
AVOID expecting too much of anyone, especially you.
FOCUS on being creative.  It’s not all about working and sorting.
Despite the chill you’ll feel warm deep inside.  Loved-up and light-hearted, there’s a bit of a crackle in the air, especially mid-month when an exciting message is on its way.  If you’re single there will be tempting offers, if you’re committed romance waits to be rediscovered.  Enjoy!
AVOID being fixated on clear answers.  Leave an air of mystery.
FOCUS on having fun.  Why not?
Early in the month some matters you’ve been wondering about become clear, and the answers you get enable you to move on.  Now you can reinvent yourself.  During the latter half of the month you will be able to express yourself creatively and passionately, and find your talents are applauded.
AVOID rocking the boat too much.
FOCUS on a makeover or totally revamped routine. 
Although you are a happy-go-lucky soul, you are starting to take a more responsible, results-orientated approach.  You want to clarify your goals and know that you are learning something useful and solid.  Now would be a great time to embark on a course of study, or to retrain vocationally.
AVOID over-impulsiveness.  Think long-term implications.
FOCUS on what is true and right for you, deep down.
Finances are looking good and even though you may be recovering from the Christmas blitz, some lucky cash, or resourceful action puts you happily in the black.  In the second half of the month some unplanned journeys lead to interesting contacts, although you may have initial misgivings.
AVOID expecting the same thing to happen.  People, events, and you have all moved on.
FOCUS on embracing change and going forwards.
Some lovely, friendly interactions make you aware you are liked and that you ‘belong’.  This lifts your mood, and so many more things seem possible.  Because you are understanding and fair-minded you may be asked to act as peace-maker, go-between or Cupid.  Interesting!
AVOID assuming you have all the answers about other people’s motives.
FOCUS on creating harmony and healing rifts.
After a doubt-filled start, by mid-month you’ll be called to make decisions and take action.  You are highly intuitive and you can use this as a basis – in fact you may not be able to help doing so, as your inner promptings may be so strong.  Trust that you will be guided.
AVOID being led by emotions, or manipulated.
FOCUS on tuning in to higher vibes by stillness and meditation.
Of course the astrology of your birth sign can only ever give a background idea.  More detailed and exact advice is readily available to you, however.  Monthly horoscopes are there for you.  Get free horoscopes and psychic insight at The Circle.  If you want to know more about yourself and your month ahead, call one of our expert readers at The Circle without delay.
PUBLISHED: 20 January 2015



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