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Your Stars for The Month Ahead August 2015

Summer playtime is coming up with lots of chances to be creative and get noticed. Spending time with children will be fun and could liberate something inside you.
AVOID - showing off –it’ll have the opposite effect
FOCUS ON - what you’re good at, which gives you masses of choice!

Home and family will be a source of joy. If anything has been dodgy, smooth it over. Forget those deeper issues and concentrate on the positive – even if it’s superficial.
AVOID - dwelling on the past
FOCUS ON - entertaining, welcoming – and maybe a spot of DIY
Messages from friends old and new will have you dashing here and there. Something that you’ve wanted to be clear about is laid bare, for good or ill (but probably good!)
AVOID - impulsive actions and responses – always count to ten
FOCUS ON - being clear, getting facts straight, making logical plans
Money, money, money – it can be the root of all evil, but it’s really an energy that you can use to the good, especially this month. Look at how you manage it – some financial luck is at hand. AVOID - extravagance – you could be tempted, big style!
FOCUS ON - bargains and canny investment
A line-up of happy planets in your sign brings you a great month. Don’t waste it by lounging around. What are you good at?  What inspires you? Do it, do it, DO IT!
AVOID - trying to take charge – lead by example
FOCUS ON - long held dreams – take a step towards them 
That ‘no-one appreciates me’ feeling could dog you. After 8th clarify your gripes and express them clearly and pleasantly. Something will shift when you get through.
AVOID - sulking. It does nothing for your cause
FOCUS ON - noticing little blessings.  There are masses and they will lift you
Socially there’s loads going on, and you’ll be spoilt for choice. You could find yourself taking over the organisation of an event. Don’t freak out – you’ll be amazing!
AVOID - a certain person who’s being negative and critical
FOCUS ON - being your charming, cool, collected self
Matters connected with your long-term goals will come to a head, and you may have to make a decision. Friends will have some good advice, so take advantage of their warmth and support.
AVOID - going it alone – it could distort your viewpoint
FOCUS ON - cashing in on Brownie points, calling in favours and riding on your good rep 
There’s little you love more than exploring and pushing out mental and physical boundaries – and this is the month to spread your wings. Blue sky thinking rocks!
AVOID - going to extremes – you know you do at times 
FOCUS ON - increasing your natural wisdom with some study
We all have things we’d rather not face up to. Turn over the stone this month. There may be worms and creepy-crawlies (i.e. repressed emotions and nasty memories) but you’ll also find some long-lost treasure.
AVOID - blaming others. Taking responsibility will empower you
FOCUS ON - making one brave change
Co-operation won’t mean curtailing your freedom. Instead it will bring more opportunities, so put some effort into finding common ground and you’ll have a ball. 
AVOID - trying to outshine your friend or partner
FOCUS ON - encouraging and supporting those you care about
Because you’re so sensitive you often get a tired feeling – it’s all too much!  Get extra energy by looking carefully at your diet and booking plenty of ‘me’ time for exercise and chilling.
AVOID - criticising yourself – what’s not to like?
FOCUS ON - sorting out just one thing that’s been bugging you 
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