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Your Sign's Guide to Stress


We all know that stress is bad, but one person’s down time can be another’s wind-up.  If you really need to chill, tune in to the true needs of your star-sign.



You may feel like your head’s going to explode at times, but if someone tells you to relax, every muscle in your body goes rigid!  You are living proof that a certain amount of stress can be good for you, so forget the eye mask and soft music.
AVOID trying to do nothing.  It will make you sulky and bored, and could be very counter-productive.
CALM IT DOWN with friendly competition of any sort that appeals, maybe followed by a sauna and a swim.  Indian head massage will be soothing.


You may have the reputation for being so laid back you’re horizontal, but you can feel the strain if your routine is messed about or life veers out of control – and when you wobble, it’s an earthquake!
AVOID any approach that involves too much talking – you need something more practical
CALM IT DOWN with aromatherapy, shiatsu and/or a good meal – ahh!, the world’s okay after all!


Often you appear more on edge than you are.  Keeping several balls in the air at once is natural for you, and you feel uneasy if there’s nothing to do.  But there’s no doubt you’re highly strung.
AVOID any therapy that tells you to ‘empty your mind’ – it will add to the problem.
CALM IT DOWN in some light, creative activity such as sketching, sewing or rearranging the furniture.  Or try CBT on-line.


Fears for your security can make you very tense, and the more time you spend focusing on ways to protect your nest, the more negative scenarios can play on your mind.  Before long you’ve turned life into a disaster-movie, so control that imagination!
AVOID too much of that ‘positive thinking’ stuff because you just won’t take it seriously
CALM IT DOWN by chatting to a mate with a cuppa and a cake, or head off for a spa day and some pampering.


You may seem like you’re carrying it all before you, but the weight of responsibility can make your heart heavy at times, and the fact you hate to show weakness only increases your burdens.
AVOID punching cushions and any remedies that compromise your dignity.
CALM IT DOWN by playing hard.  Drama-therapy and theatre – preferably with you on the stage, are great, and basking in the sun-shine works wonders. 


You invented worry, and if everything’s going great you’re at your most uneasy.  Could Fate be storing up some mega-problem for your weary mind?  Sometimes you’re so wound up you can’t see the solutions that stare you in the face.
AVOID anything you regard as weird-and-wonderful because you wont let it work.
CALM IT DOWN by gardening, spending time with animals and being careful with your diet.  Try relaxing herbs like valerian and lavender.

You’re like a swan – all grace and serenity on the surface but underneath you may be paddling like mad to stay afloat.  Because you like everything to be perfect, and everyone to be happy, you can make things hard for yourself.
AVOID the kind of counseling that encourages you to spill your negative feelings unless you want to spend ages learning to like yourself again.
CALM IT DOWN with art, music and dance – beauty will reassure you and smooth movement restores your balance.


If you suspect you’re not fully in the picture with what’s going on, your tendency to obsessive thinking can take over.  The strain of continual analysis and searching for hidden agendas can even lead to paranoia.
AVOID having to put your trust in a therapist, or even a friend, because you may try to manipulate them.
CALM IT DOWN with self-help strategies such as EFT and creative visualization, to put you back in control.


Casual and optimistic, you seem to take everything in your stride.  But your laugh becomes louder and your gestures more expansive when you have the secret fear that you’re misunderstanding something, or aren’t quite good enough.
AVOID being patronized by guru-figures – you can find the meaning of life for yourself.
CALM IT DOWN by seeking a philosophy or belief that puts it all into perspective – try yoga and TM.


When friends see how involved you are with work they may nag you to take down time, but actually you enjoy being productive.  You may think you’re coping with duty, but what could be causing those aches and pains?
AVOID enforced idleness.  Check your emails – but check them less.
CALM IT DOWN with giggles.  You have a secret talent for acting the fool and a good chuckle is the best stress-buster.  Try massage, to ease those joints.


You’re good at avoiding stress.  People can mean pressure and ambition can be a prison – you know this, but you can’t avoid the rat-race altogether and it can make you cranky.
AVOID drastic measures like retiring to a croft or ashram or becoming a born-again hippy.
CALM IT DOWN by going out into the fresh air.  You may also respond well to methods of altering your thinking, like NLP, or energy-therapies like Reiki.


A lot of the time you find it easy to slip into a dream-world, which is great.  But when cold reality hits you, it can mean panic-stations.  Plain old same old can be a drag but keeping a grip on essentials is less fraught, long-term.
AVOID turning to drugs of any kind, because it could be hard to draw the line.
CALM IT DOWN with hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis and meditation, as you tune in to a better world.

Stress can sometimes take hold of you without you realizing what’s happening.  If you feel overwhelmed, call one of our soothing readers at The Circle, who will enable you to regain your inner tranquility.

PUBLISHED: 01 October 2014

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