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Venus Trine Mars And Saturn – Read Your Fortunes In Love This Month


This month the love-planet Venus is in her own sign – sensual Taurus.  Her influence is powerful now and made more so by the flowing angle she makes to Mars, planet of passion and Saturn, planet of discipline.  Will Saturn be a passion-killer or will it help you focus on your relationships and getting what you want?  Find out how to make the best of it all with our sign-by-sign guide.




You may be too focused on career and material success to bother much about love and closeness.  That’s okay, as long as you don’t upset anyone by treading on their toes or neglecting them.  There’s a time and a place for ambition, but in the end, it’s relationships that bring you true fulfillment.
YOUR LOVE GUIDE  Buy your lover presents and show you care even if you’re too busy to be there.  Flowers with a message take five minutes to order, but can mean so much.


Who’s the loved-up cuddle-bunny this month?  Definitely you, but while you’re enjoying being sexy and snuggly, remember there are other aspects to connecting with your dearest.  You’re both part of a wider reality and recognizing your spiritual connection will forge a deeper bond.
YOUR LOVE GUIDE    Pursue something spiritual such as meditation or learning Tarot, or at the very least plan a long-distance getaway, to expand your horizons in every way.


Be cautious this month because thoughts you prefer to hide and even subconscious motives might show when you don’t want them to.  It’s horrid being jealous but there’s no shame in it, so be gentle with yourself.  No-one has to know about feelings you’d rather not have, but talking to a trusted friend could transform you.
YOUR LOVE GUIDE.  You’ll get a surprising amount of pleasure from doing things for others.  In fact you could forget about your worries seeing the smile on another’s face.


It’s all about compromise, understanding and a real appreciation of your relationship.  Be prepared to talk about issues, accept your share of any responsibility and take action to put things right.  If you’re single don’t wait for love to come knocking.  Go out and look for it.
YOUR LOVE GUIDE  Your friendship group can be a real help in finding romance.  If you’re hitched, you’ll have more fun in a crowd, enjoying being a couple with other couples.


You must look after the details first – then you’ll find the big schemes fall into place.  If you’re going out, be scrupulous with your grooming and make sure you have your purse with you!  Careful you aren’t too picky about your partner and if you have criticisms, keep them to yourself. 
YOUR LOVE GUIDE  Look your best whatever you’re doing.  You could meet that special someone at work, or while pursuing your ambitions.  If you have a partner, make plans for the future together.


However shy you are inside you must now push yourself forwards.  ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ should be your mantra, if you’re on the pull.  If you have an established partnership you should still be adventurous now.  Don’t miss this chance to bring an extra something into your relationship.
YOUR LOVE GUIDE  Someone exotic or foreign in some way could set your pulse racing.  If you’re hitched, play together and have fun.



Despite the fact that Spring is on its way, you’ll really enjoy being snuggled up at home with your lover.  Feather your nest together and spend time with family.  If you’re waiting for Cupid’s call, don’t look too far afield.  There’s someone close to home who has you in their sights…….
YOUR LOVE GUIDE.  In depth conversations with a close friend can be very instructive. You could solve a mystery and hear exciting news that transforms your outlook.


Communication is vital, but do be careful what you say.  Of course it’s important to get your point over but the way you do this could be make or break, so be gentle and tactful.  You may be a bit hyper.  Calm down!  You have lots of choices and you don’t have to chase around or push yourself into any decisions.
YOUR LOVE GUIDE.  Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and try to empathise.  If you really love someone, or even like them, it’s worth making a real effort to accept and understand them.


Despite your innate wisdom you can still sometimes be seduced by status and a showy exterior.  Don’t go there!  Look for companions whose values are worthwhile and you’ll not only find fulfillment – your own self-esteem will improve.
YOUR LOVE GUIDE.  A fateful encounter on your daily round is on the cards, if you keep your eyes open.  Romance may wait at the gym or supermarket, too.


It’s time to sort out what you really want and put in your Cosmic Order.  Make practical plans and take decisive action, too.  Out with negativity and in with positive thinking.  Don’t be afraid to be yourself.  There will always be people who don’t approve, but so what!
YOUR LOVE GUIDE.  Express your creativity and channel your Giddy Goat.  Theatres, cinemas, art galleries and studios all hold wonderful opportunities, so that’s where to hang out.


You may be telling yourself that you aren’t much bothered about the luuurve thing, but could it be that you’ve given up?  Deepen existing relationships by kindness and loving service – or face the fact it has ended and you can move on.  New love may come with baggage, but that can be unloaded.
YOUR LOVE GUIDE  Home is where your heart is, so stay where you’re comfy and see what happens.  Why push things?  Maybe you need to learn to love yourself – it’s worth the effort.


Your circle of friends may absorb you and you may spend more time playing Cupid for others than looking after your own love-life.  Fine, if you’re settled but if not make sure that anything you organise socially gives you opportunities too.
YOUR LOVE GUIDE.  Be on the lookout for double messages, hints and body language.  Your own modesty could make you miss the buying signals – don’t forget that other people can be shy too!



A look at the stars can give you some helpful advice, but there’s nothing like a personal Reading from one of our team of experts.  If you need some in depth insight, or just some understanding and guidance, call today and let us set you on your way with renewed faith in your love life.



PUBLISHED: 18 April 2018

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