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The Eclipse - How To Have Your Happy Ending


During July there will be an eclipse of the sun on 13th and the Moon on 27th. Ancient wisdom says eclipses mean ending, but we know that endings can be a good thing. Follow our sign-by-sign guide and move on to a freer, more productive life.




How well is your social life working for you? Brace yourself for some turbulence within your circle of friends. You may feel this has little to do with you, but do face up to your responsibilities. Anything worthwhile will weather the storm. Meanwhile at home there will be a choice to make. Remember, the old has to make way for the new and look to the future.


The impression you’re making might not be quite what you think, and you may experience surprises and even setbacks in your career. Review your image – this is a call to be more aware of how you’re coming across and make it work for you. Look out for misunderstandings – however clear you may think you’re being, double check you’ve got it straight. Mistakes can always be put right as long as you acknowledge you’ve made one.


Someone may challenge your dearly-held beliefs and for a while you may feel you’re without a compass. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to reassure yourself and be certain again, because this uncertainty will lead to greater wisdom in a few weeks. Money problems may cut you off from expensive distractions, but that’s to the good. Be realistic, resourceful and hard-working and any angst will be removed as if by magic.


Usually you’re in touch with your emotions but for a while they may seem out of control. Don’t be surprised if you go cold, switch off and even feel things you’re ashamed of. You’re only human. Your self-esteem could take a knock, but if you’re wondering who you are and where you’re going, sit with it. The answers will come back clearer than ever and you’ll be empowered.


Any one-to-one partnership will involve you in challenging feelings. It may be you that wants to pull away, or the other party, or both. This could be confusing, but work at it because anything that’s right for you will stay the course. Someone may be acting against you behind the scenes, but don’t be anxious. Nothing that’s truly yours can be taken away from you, so hold your head high and be genuine.


All those details of life that seem to gang up on you come out in full force this month. Just when you think you’ve got one thing settled another bites you on the posterior. Meanwhile friends you thought you could rely on for help don’t seem to be there. This is only a phase, so don’t give in to the idea that the world is against you. Just keep on keeping on and the rewards you eventually secure will be so much sweeter!



Where has all the excitement gone? The colour seems to drain from many aspects of life that have enriched you and you may feel bored and unable to express your creativity. Your career or public life could hit an invisible wall. Whether you are a writer or not, this is your form of ‘writer’s block’. Go through the motions with any skills you have, ambitions you cherish and amusements you enjoy and one day you’ll wake up and find yourself flying again!




Privacy and control over your personal life are central to your wellbeing and you may feel a tad wobbly when this seems threatened. Ambitions close to your heart suddenly seem light years away. Something that enriched your home life may disappear – but isn’t all that an illusion? Don’t let your fears control you. Maybe you’ve been valuing something that wasn’t really in your best interests and now you’re free to find true treasure. It isn’t far away.




Why doesn’t anyone seem to be listening to you? Beliefs and feelings that you try very hard to convey fall on deaf ears. Is it worth bothering? All the while you’re struggling to get your point across people may accuse you of emotions that you’d rather conceal. So chill. The more noise you make the less you’ll be heard, but if you’re quiet and listen to your intuition you will radiate a wisdom that all will respect.




It can hit your confidence when you realise you can’t afford all that you want. It may be that you lose a personal possession that matters a lot to you. Meanwhile, support from partners evaporates, probably because they’re grappling with their own issues. Take heart. All of this is a reminder to you to value what you’ve got (for it is far more than anything you lose) and to realise there are times in any relationship when you have to do all the giving. But your turn will come.




What’s the matter with me? – you may ask yourself that question repeatedly as your emotions see-saw. One minute you’re overwhelmed, the next switched off. You may fly off the handle about something trivial because there seem to be so many little things going wrong. Be kind to yourself. Everyone has off days and nobody behaves in a rational way at all times. Be your own best friend, and you’ll soon be calm, cool and collected again.




Whatever you do it never seems the right thing. You try to make people feel good but you’re not succeeding and you’re haunted by a guilty feeling. When you try to let your hair down, something often gets in the way and you keep thinking you should be somewhere else. Truly, some people may criticize you, but the point of all this is not for you to conform to their wishes but to listen to your own needs. You can’t please everyone, so please yourself – starting now!




You now have a general idea of how the eclipses are likely to affect you and how to work with this constructively. For a much more detailed and personal reading it’s always helpful to get in touch with one of our expert and intuitive Readers, so call today for the advice you need.



PUBLISHED: 03 July 2018

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