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Taurus Woman Communication

Although she prefers a peaceful life, Ms Taurus won’t let that get in the way of sincerity. Facts are facts and if you ask her a question you’ll get a straight answer. Don’t ask her if your new dress suits you if you aren't prepared to hear the truth!

Ms Taurus loves a chat and a gossip as much as the next person, but she’s not one to get too deeply into the ‘whys’ and ‘wherefores’.  What’s right is right and if something’s wrong she’s quite content to leave it alone, as long as it doesn't interfere with her life.  You can talk till the cows come home and you won’t alter her beliefs – but she’s not usually bothered about airing those.  She prefers to make observations – about your garden, your cooking, the things she’s been working on – rather than speculate and theorise.  In fact she has the wonderful gift of being in the ‘Now’.  What matters most to her is the evidence of her senses, and if she likes you she’ll want to communicate and share all of this with you.  You’ll hear about what happened to her rather than what she’s been thinking about.  If something’s been going on that you can’t get your head round, run it by her.  Chances are you’ll be hit in the face by a blunt statement.  Like it or not, you’ll thank her in the end.     
Superficial pleasantries
Straight talking
Keeping to the facts
Making practical comments
Too airy-fairy – what’s the point?
Being argued with
Shouting and screeching



She finds it almost impossible to see anyone else’s viewpoint
She won’t bother to argue unless it’s deeply important to her
She’ll regard certain things as obvious and may think you’re stupid for not seeing them.
If you get angry she may feel sorry for you
If the subject matters to her she can lose her temper and if that happens, head for the fall-out shelter!
No point proceeding unless this is vital, and if it is, brace yourself
Remain calm, clear and firm.  Make sure you have facts to back you up
You may need to be prepared to act on your views, whatever happens 
Eventually she will probably respect you for sticking to your guns – especially if it’s something about which you are proved objectively correct
She likes this best – she can give you a hug, and watch your body language, although she probably wouldn't analyse it that way.  Also you can share sights and experiences. 
She’ll have a chat, but prefers to keep it practical, so you can get your times straight.  She also likes the phone for getting information over quickly and clearly, but isn't so great with long chats for their own sake.
Texts can be misunderstood – she doesn't like that and keeps hers short.  Emails are better for getting it down in a nutshell.  Face-time works for her as she likes to see you but she’d still rather get together.
She likes to send a well-presented letter or card.  It’s something you can keep, and she’ll choose her cards carefully, and expect to see them on your shelf!
She hates this, but she’ll prepare painstakingly and have visual back-ups.  This is where her creativity comes out and she’ll use photos and video-clips efficiently. 
She loves parties because food, friendship and a bit of music are the stuff of life to her.  But she doesn't like big gatherings where she doesn't know anyone.  She’ll stick with a familiar group and leave early. 
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