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The September Birthstone


What is the birthstone for September? The meaning of the September birthstone of the Sapphire and its healing properties…


Birthstones are precious stones or gems that relate to the month that a person is born. Each month of the year has an allocated birthstone which may be given as a gift or may be worn by a person who has been born in that month. What is the birthstone for September? The September birthstone is the beautiful Sapphire. The remarkable blue colour of the Sapphire can vary in colour, with some crystals a light blue colour and some stones a darker oceanic blue. The Sapphire was named after the Greek word ‘Sapphirus’, which translates as ‘blue’. The gemstones have been worn by kings and priests who believe them to symbolise purity and wisdom. Indeed, the September birthstone is visible in the Queen's crown jewels and Princess Diana’s engagement stone was also a Sapphire.
The September birthstone is said to represent faithfulness, loyalty and sincerity…


The September birthstone Sapphire is made up of the mineral corundum. The Sapphire was mined as early as the 7th Century BC and can be found in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, Kenya, China, Tanzania and the United States. The September birthstone is said to represent faithfulness, loyalty and sincerity and has several powerful properties which can help us if worn as an item of jewellery. The Sapphire is related to the third eye or the brow chakra and is sometimes also related to the throat chakra. The third eye chakra enables us to see things clearly, to find clarity, use our intuition and look for ways to find peace of mind. The throat chakra encourages us to speak openly, to be sincere and not afraid to speak the truth. The September birthstone connects with us on a spiritual, emotional, physical and universal level, making the Sapphire one of the most powerful gemstones in the world.
It is often used by psychics and mediums to enhance their psychic abilities and deepen their connection in readings…


The Sapphire is renowned for its healing powers as it suppresses negative thoughts and supports the physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing:
EMPOWERS INTUITION: The Sapphire is believed to strengthen intuition and instinct. It is often used by psychics and mediums to enhance their psychic abilities and deepen their connection in readings. It is also a stone used in meditation, helping people to bring clarity and creative expression to their life.
PEACE OF MIND: The powers of the Sapphire help us to feel joy and promote peace and harmony in our lives. It encourages us to follow our dreams so that we can find fulfilment and ultimately prosper.
PROTECTION: The September birthstone colour of the blue Sapphire has a strong energy that is believed to bring protection. It has healing properties, protecting us from negative energy, connecting strongly with chakras, dispersing blockages, protecting the emotional and the physical states.
EMOTIONS: The Sapphire brings clarity in thought and assists with emotional or mental confusion. It will help those who may be feeling anxious or depressed, removing negative feelings and helping them to differentiate between what is real and what is not. It assists in clear thinking, reducing anxieties and bringing peace of mind.
DEVOTION: The Sapphire strengthens feelings of devotion, loyalty and faithfulness. It is a popular stone for an engagement ring, showing the wearer the commitment of her husband to be. It is a gesture of love and promises complete long-term devotion.
PHYSICAL: The September birthstone of the Sapphire has several healing properties that promote good physical health. It assists in protecting against mental illness, in cooling down fevers, helping nosebleeds and relieving rheumatism.
A stone that strengthens the connection between the physical and the spiritual…



The beautiful blue colour of the September birthstone is believed to stimulate psychic abilities, making it a stone that strengthens the connection between the physical and the spiritual. Its crystal blue energy brings inspiration, clarity and enhances intuitive powers. It will help to ward off negative energy and emotions such as anxiety, depression, fear, anger and hate and instead empower the person with feelings of peace, calm and love.





Wearing your birthstone can help you with any emotional difficulties you may be experiencing. If you need guidance in relationships, future love, work or family, then an insightful psychic reading will help you to focus on making changes for a more positive life ahead. Speak to one of our gifted readers at TheCircle to find peace of mind and clarity for a happier future. If something is concerning you, let us give you a guiding hand.


PUBLISHED: 15 September 2016

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