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Wednesday November 23rd Is Your Day For Self-Discipline


A conjunction of Mercury with Saturn, helped by constructive Jupiter, makes Wednesday November 23rd ideal for getting your act together. Make plans, decide what you want to start and what you want to end, and re-build for your future.


Each sign will experience this differently – read on to discover which area to concentrate on, in your life.


Where are you going with your spirituality? Do you meditate enough? Do you give enough time to thinking about life’s meanings, as opposed to materialism? Bring your mind to bear on what really matters and begin to sort out what that is, for you. MAKE PLANS FOR travel, mindfulness courses and similar, contact with other cultures and beliefs.


We can all be possessive and jealous but sometimes you take this to extremes, and you can be a tad controlling. Take an honest look at this behavior now. Be grateful for what you truly own – your health, strength, compassion, practicality – and be content. MAKE PLANS FOR sorting out issues about anything jointly-owned, wills, insurance, legacies. Be honest if you need help – it’s out there.



Relationships are your theme today. Take a deep breath and examine your significant one-to-ones. Is there balance and fairness?  Are you clear about what you’re giving and getting? If you feel bored, trapped, guilty or used, be brave – your feelings matter. MAKE PLANS FOR a heart-to-heart, or at the very least to listen to yourself.




It’s time you took your fitness seriously. Think carefully about your diet and make one or two small but significant changes, such as cutting down sugar or junk-food.  Look at the exercise you do, also. Is it enough? Stop telling yourself you’re too busy. MAKE PLANS FOR an exercise programme that will fit in to your day/week.




Be honest – you adore a bit of praise and sometimes you take shortcuts to grab the limelight. This only gives you short-term satisfaction, however – much better to have the inner knowledge that you’ve done something excellently MAKE PLANS FOR boosting your creativity. Find a dance/drama/art class or similar, and sign up.




You can choose your friends but not your family, and sometimes yours makes you despair. Why can’t they see common sense? You’re a perfectionist, but not everyone has the same viewpoint. Your challenge is to overlook faults now and however anyone else acts make sure you are considerate and forgiving MAKE PLANS FOR a family get-together, where you laugh off any hitches.




You know you sometimes put off those annoying little jobs and unpleasant chores but do you feel better for it? No! So get to grips with the bits and pieces that have been scratching at the back of your mind – you’ll feel a whole lot better. MAKE PLANS FOR a to-do list, which you pin on the fridge and tackle.




Your message right now is that money is energy and you can manage it well. Don’t worry too much. Take a straight look at what’s coming in and going out and if it doesn’t balance, then be resourceful, for there is a solution. MAKE PLANS FOR budgeting and earning more – it is possible you know!




You love to have big plans and sometimes you go just a little over-the-top with what you promise – both to yourself and others. If you overstretch commitments now, this could bite you on the bum. Above all you must be practical. Sort out your priorities and take them one step at a time. MAKE PLANS FOR shedding anything unnecessary from your life. This won’t be restricting – it will be liberating.




You are generally a disciplined, self-contained person and may now be feeling a bit down about not achieving enough. So your mission is to uncover those reasons why you sometimes focus on the worst, and get yourself some TLC MAKE PLANS FOR pampering, spa day or even some therapy.




You know how to be a good friend, but sometimes a smile and a cheery word isn’t enough. You’re now called to go that extra mile, giving support or thinking about the needs of those around you. You don’t have to change the world – just brighten up a few days.  MAKE PLANS FOR organising a social event to do something for the community.




So much that you could do, but often you sit and dream. You’re creative, imaginative and sensitive – you can tune in to what people want and turn it to your advantage – in a good way! So now focus on increasing your power and standing in the world. MAKE PLANS FOR advancing your career – new enterprise, new course, new job application – take that step!




Hints from astrology can really help you take advantage of cosmic energies, and improve your life. It’s not always enough, though, and if you’ve been going through a tough patch, there’s nothing like an encouraging word from someone with insight, to turn you around and put you on the right track. No need to feel confused and alone – our supportive Readers are just a call away, so get in touch now, and feel amazing!


PUBLISHED: 21 November 2016

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