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Sagittarius Zodiac: Sagittarius Horoscope and Profile


The Sagittarius zodiac sign is a fire sign, driven by a burning desire to experience new things, refusing to be constrained by the limits set by others. Both introspective and outward-looking, the Sagittarius is equally at home out on the open road with nothing but a passport and a backpack as they are when sat alone in their room pondering their thoughts. People born under the Sagittarius star sign place great stock in the pursuit of knowledge, seeing knowledge as freedom in all circumstances. As such, they are often blunt and to the point, eager to inform rather than keep people in the dark just because it's easier. Here's everything you need to know about the Sagittarius personality, characteristics, and love life. 


Western Zodiac - Sagittarius


Dates to Remember


The Sagittarius zodiac falls between the 22nd of November and the 21st of December, so if you were born between these dates then congratulations - you're a Sagittarius! 


The Sagittarius sign belongs to the element of fire, which helps explain the deeply passionate and inspirationally brave nature they all share. Famous people born under the Sagittarius star sign include many known for breaking boundaries and distinguishing themselves in their fields, such as Tina Turner, Miley Cyrus, Janelle Monae, and Jon Stewart. Beyond these Sagittarius dates, there are a number of important days throughout every calendar year to look out for. In the meantime,  make sure to continually check the Sagittarius zodiac sign horoscope for daily updates on what to expect throughout the year. 


Sagittarius Personality Traits


The Sagittarius personality is often likened to the perpetual traveller. They are natural explorers who refuse to be constrained by geography, resources, finances, or knowledge. They love travelling, acquiring new skills, and debating with friends and foes about virtually any topic. On a good day, Sagittarius traits are best described as optimistic, honest, inspiring, encouraging, and generous. On a bad day, a Sagittarius has a tendency to be argumentative, irritable, flaky, and overly-blunt to the point of rudeness.


One of the quintessential Sagittarius characteristics is their empathy and ability to know how another person might be thinking or feeling. Sometimes this may come off as one of the less desirable Sagittarius qualities, as what they say may often hit a little too close to home, but they always have the best intentions, and when they tell you something you might not want to hear, it's because they truly believe it's for the best. In the quest for knowledge and self-improvement that drives a Sagittarius, there is simply no time for unnecessary pleasantries or cumbersome social etiquette.


The Sagittarius Symbol and Meaning


The Sagittarius zodiac sign has a unique meaning that helps explain a lot about their nature. It is symbolised by a mythical creature, the Centaur, also known as the Archer, with its arrow always pointed up towards the sky. This signifies how the Sagittarius is always aiming towards an ideal, be it professionally, romantically, or philosophically. They believe in self-improvement and will often chase unrealistic ideals in the quest to reach their lofty goals.

This upward trajectory also represents the innate optimism of the Sagittarius, which tends to be much stronger than with other zodiac signs. While the Sagittarius is not immune to bouts of sadness or melancholy, they always see solutions whenever they are confronted with a problem. It is this reason why they tend to make such effective entrepreneurs and academics, as well as being masters of cross-cultural exchange. 



Sagittarius Love Compatibility


As the Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, they tend to be big-hearted and absolutely brimming with love, eager to give their heart to whoever they fall in love with. They embrace their lovers as a whole, cherishing their flaws just as much as their positive attributes. Therefore, a partner to a Sagittarius should never try to conceal anything, as they would never do you the same disservice and would be unlikely to forgive you when they find out your secrets. There are a number of signs that are highly compatible with the Sagittarius zodiac sign. 


Aquarius: The adventurous spirit of the Sagittarius goes hand-in-hand with the whirlwind of energy that is the Aquarius. The Aquarius will give the Sagittarius all of the adventure and new experiences they could ever hope for. These relationships are always incredibly intense romantically, sexually, and emotionally. They will push each other to the limits and never stop exploring new boundaries, even after many decades together.


Leo: The Leo can match the Sagittarius point-for-point when it comes to ambition and drive. They will bring out the very best in each other and ensure that their partner feels supported in all of their pursuits. Just like the Sagittarius, the Leo has a strong appreciation for the rituals of romance, meaning that plenty of romantic dates lie in store for this couple.


Aries: While both the Sagittarius and Aries try not to take things too seriously, the aloof and nebulous nature of the Aries may mean that these two aren't an obvious pair at first. However, once they're together they are a true force of nature. They will bring out new impulses and desires in one another, meaning that this pairing is one of the most sexually charged there is.


One of the defining traits of the Sagittarius is that they are self-assured and optimistic, believing that it is within their power to make any situation improve. While this may be true to an extent, this is the year that Sagittarius should try and take a step back. Opportunities are coming, and the best things always come to those who wait. So be patient, stay on your current course, and see what the stars bring.


Published: 5 March 2019

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